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Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

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Do mrocznych historii kryminalnych pióra Rachel Abbott można powracać z prawdziwą przyjemnością. Do tej pory ta brytyjska autorka jeszcze nie zawiodła i nie inaczej jest w przypadku najnowszej odsłony serii z inspektorem Tomem Douglasem. The elements of the story were so clever and as usual, the narrative led me through cleverly interwoven ideas that swept me along and made this another book of Rachel Abbott's that I just couldn't put down. I was enthralled from the first revelation of the police and social workers, and I still didn't realise the twist until it was revealed - a fact I love because I truly enjoy this genre of book and have become harder to surprise - this was certainly achieved! As well as the murder investigation, there is a parallel story of psychological coercion and manipulation – and this is why I understood the title of the book. Some aspects made for uncomfortable reading because it seemed so authentic and realistic. The characterisation was very well done and I did get emotionally involved – I always feel an author has done their job well when you care what happens to a character. There were some characters that made me so angry and others I just felt so sad for.

Martha is a complicated character. The telling of her story unfolds throughout the book, little by little. Quite the enigma, Tom Douglas seems not to know what to make of her. This is the tenth book in the Tom Douglas series and this one is every bit as good as the previous nine, if not better. What appeals about this series, is that Tom Douglas and his team, although essential to the plot, are not the focal point. It is always difficult to review Rachel's books without giving too much away but three threads are running through this book and as the story unfolds, Rachel Abbott has cleverly woven them into a rich tapestry. She really is a master storyteller. It’s a surprise to find out that 10 books down the line, DCI Tom Douglas was never originally meant to stay. Right Behind You sees the very welcome return of Tom Douglas - I do love a Tom Douglas novel. This is brilliant and tense novel full of mystery, misdirection and mistrust. I really enjoyed it. As always the book centres around the victim of the crime and whilst this is a DCI Tom Douglas book, the story is primarily told through Martha.As a mother and wife, my heart was literally beating out of my chest, it was heart-breaking to see Jo’s life fall apart and then the realisation that not everything is what it seems, especially when she rings the police station a few hours later to find out where her family are and there is no record of any arrest. For the large part of the book Martha is the main protagonist in the story with Douglas and co. more or less bit players but that works well with the mystery. There is a strong thread of coercion and manipulation running through Martha's tale and it is not a comfy read but you don't read novel's like this to be comfy do you? It would be unfair to blame the woman I met tonight for turning my life upside down. She didn't. It was already upside down. I just didn't know it.

Once again Rachel Abbott proves why she is one of the best crime fiction writers around and as always it’s a pleasure to sit down with DCI Tom Douglas and catch up on his life and try to solve a crime or two.


Once again Rachel Abbott has created an original story with a cast of characters who are either fascinating or downright despicable. I felt such sympathy for Martha, but don’t get me started on her mum….!! What I love about the Tom Douglas series is that is not just a straight police thriller. The stories are as much about the characters who are at the heart of the case as it is the police and their day to day investigations. This time around the focus falls on Martha who finds herself under suspicion when her bosses wife is murdered. But rather than stay and face the police and profess her innocence, Martha disappears, for reasons that are slowly unveiled as the story progresses. There is far more to Martha than her colleagues know, and whilst as readers we become all too aware of why she has maintained such a air of secrecy amongst her colleagues, it only adds to the suspicion of guilt as far as her colleagues, and the police, are concerned. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get round to reading the Tom Douglas series by Rachel Abbott. I’m always wary about starting a series several books in, but I am so glad I decided to the latest, Close Your Eyes. It can absolutely be read as a standalone, so if you’re new to this series as well, you don’t need to have read the previous books. But I’ll definitely be catching up on them.

The book fast-paced and has a mystery that will baffle you. The twists and turns are unpredictable. The characters and the misdirections will pull you into the book. The ending comes as an apt conclusion, along with some food for thought. Rachel Abbott's storytelling techniques are remarkable, and the mystery will keep you on your feet. I liked the story but there were way too many details about things I didn’t care about. I just wanted to get to the point and find Millie.She managed to publish another Douglas novel, Right Behind You, in 2020, as well as the second in her Sergeant Stephanie King series. Dar vienas neįtikėtinai įtraukiantis trileris, kuris prikaustys nuo pirmų puslapių, ir užmins daug mįslių, į kurias bus sunku surasti atsakymus. It was good to catch up with Tom (sigh!!!!!) and Louisa to find out how their relationship was developing and we get to find out a little more about another family member too. No spoilers here though!

Na prisipažinsiu, skaičiau tam, kad perskaityt ir daugmaž sužinoti, kuo viskas pasibaigs,bet didelio įspūdžio nepaliko. I had an idea for a book that didn’t fit in with Tom Douglas. And these are set in Cornwall [rather that Douglas’s Manchester]. I never tell a story from Tom Douglas’s point of view and I don’t with Stephanie King, so I didn’t find it any easier.’ Tom Douglas is a character that has been well-developed through her books and as a reader, you have trust and belief in this character and his ability to fight for good, put his all into solving the case and being a lovable family man too. There are some strands of this book I found uncomfortable, I do not mean this negatively, it is good sometimes that an author stretches our feelings and fears. Again I do not want to reveal too much but the theme of human manipulation is so relevant with everything that is going on at the moment. It does show how easily people can be manipulated to bend to the will of others. It’s always a highlight of my year when a new book by Rachel Abbott is published but even more of a thrill when it’s a new Tom Douglas book! This is the 8th books in the DCI Tom Douglas series and it’s just as brilliant as ever! I am probably a little bit in love with the Manchester detective but that doesn’t distract me from the twisty cases he has to solve, especially when they hit a little bit too close to home for Tom.

Towards the end, the search for Millie, however, was quite unbelievable. Jo and he ex – Steve - find what the cops cannot? Seemed almost too easy for them. But the police had been investigating all that time. Didn’t seem plausible. Close Your Eyes is the latest in the long-running Tom Douglas thriller series, and whilst I haven't read all of the previous books featuring Tom, I've enjoyed every single one of those that I have read. One of the reviewers (for And So It Begins) wrote: ‘It was so fantastically written and expertly portrayed that I felt I was watching a TV show’.

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