Bunny vs Monkey 5 Books Collection Set By Jamie Smart(Bunny vs Monkey,the Supersonic Aye-aye, The Human Invasion, Rise of the Maniacal Badger & Bunny vs Monkey and the League of Doom!)

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Bunny vs Monkey 5 Books Collection Set By Jamie Smart(Bunny vs Monkey,the Supersonic Aye-aye, The Human Invasion, Rise of the Maniacal Badger & Bunny vs Monkey and the League of Doom!)

Bunny vs Monkey 5 Books Collection Set By Jamie Smart(Bunny vs Monkey,the Supersonic Aye-aye, The Human Invasion, Rise of the Maniacal Badger & Bunny vs Monkey and the League of Doom!)

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Izzy Newton by Joe Brady & Robert Deas – Featuring child genius billionaire Izzy Newton trying to make the world a much better place. Since ended and discontinued. Bunny lives peacefully in the woods with his friends Pig, Weenie the Squirrel and Action Beaver. Their tranquil life is shattered with the arrival of Monkey, a loud, rude and thoroughly annoying megalomaniac. Convinced he has landed on a distant planet, he renames his new home Monkey-opia and declares he will rule as supreme emperor. Squid Squad – An underwater adventure strip featuring a team of 3 squids protecting the ocean from multiple threats. Since discontinued.

They've never managed to work together before. Will Skunky rediscover his passion for evil inventions to defeat his rival at their own game? One thing's for sure . . . Laughs are guaranteed! The Phoenix also has a feature called "Star in a Comic". Each year, readers are encouraged to send in ideas for a new strip, and the winner gets their comic running in The Phoenix for about 3 weeks, written and illustrated by a Phoenix author, while the runner-ups get their ideas featured in the magazine. There are several other similar contests as well, normally as a tie-in to a book or Phoenix strip. Looshkin by Jamie Smart – The adventures of "the maddest cat in the world", based around a crazy blue cat, who had previously appeared in bear. In 2022, a spin-off series, King Looshkin, was also created. A collection of short comic strips including “Susie and Brad” and “Tooth and Claw Academy for Magical Creatures”. They are a relatively recent addition to the comic. Some of 'The Shorts' strips include:When portals to parallel dimensions open up, the gang meet different versions of themselves - a whole universe of Bunnies! Evil Pig! Baby Bunny vs Monkey! Fawn by Robert Deas - A comic about an "earth whisperer", named Fawn, who lost her mother at an early age, and can talk to and magically "connect" with creatures.

The Maniacal Badger has arrived, and he's determined to take over the Woods! Wasn't that Monkey's plan? This cannot happen! What japes await in this brand-new adventure when Bunny and Monkey team up to beat this new menace?! Star Cat by James Turner – A sci-fi strip about a spaceship crew who live inside an interstellar cat. Gary's Garden by Gary Northfield – A strip about a garden and the whimsical animals and plants in it. Since discontinued. Evil Emperor Penguin by Laura Ellen Anderson – A comic about a penguin and his plans for world domination, with schemes that always are ridiculous, and always fail.Megalomaniacs by Jamie Smart - A strip about tiny aliens fighting each other for control of Earth. The strip previously ran in The Dandy and stars Megalomaniac 0002: Lord Skull. It bears a similarity to Pokémon. Fish-Head Steve by Jamie Smart - A strip that originally appeared in The DFC about a town of people who mysteriously change their heads into objects like a fish or a loaf of bread. Corpse Talk by Adam Murpny - A spoof talk show looking at influential historical people such as Albert Einstein, Boudicca, Isaac Newton, etc. by digging up their skeletons. Now a popular series of kids YouTube videos. POW! – A purely illustrative comic with no text. Follows the adventures of POW!, a space gladiator and his adventures. Since discontinued. Tamsin and the Days by Neill Cameron& Kate Brown – A recurring strip starring Tamsin, an unknowingly magical girl who is the last pillar, a chosen one to save the world from darkness. Has since been discontinued.

I Hate Pixies by James Turner & Andreas Schuster – Accidental pixie king Toby gets into multiple strange pixie-related scrapes with his unusual citizens.This edition combines the first two books of the previously published Bunny vs Monkey series, Let the Mayhem Begin and Journey to the Centre of the Eurg-th, featuring all the fun in a slightly smaller format. There is also a step-by-step guide to drawing Bunny and Monkey at the end of the book. The series also features a rotating cast of supporting characters, including Dr Pringle, the mad scientist who created Monkey, and Skunky, a skunk with a serious flatulence problem. These characters add even more humour and personality to the already zany world of Bunny vs Monkey.

The first book of the series, Bunny vs Monkey: Let the Mayhem Begin, starts with Monkey escaping from a nearby lab, where he was genetically modified to be super intelligent. After his escape, he stumbles upon the forest and claims it as his own. This starts a never-ending battle between Bunny and Monkey, with the other animals getting caught up in their antics. Throughout the series, Bunny and Monkey engage in various competitions and games to determine who is the ultimate ruler of the forest. These games range from watermelon-eating contests to crazy obstacle courses. Weenie, Pig, and the other animals are often recruited to help out, making for even more chaotic adventures.In addition to the colourful visuals, the series also features clever and witty writing. The humour is aimed at both children and adults, with plenty of silly jokes and pop culture references. The characters also have distinct personalities, with Bunny being the calm and sensible one, while Monkey is the brash and impulsive one. While Bunny vs Monkey is primarily a comedy series, it also has some heartwarming moments. The friendship between Bunny and Weenie is particularly touching, and there are a few moments where the characters have to work together to save the forest from an outside threat. Bunny vs. Monkey by Jamie Smart – A strip about the adventures of anthropomorphic woodland animals, centered around a long-suffering bunny and a mischievous monkey, and many other woodland animals. Thingamajigs by Daniel and Emily Kimbell - A strip about a boy called Nolan who lives in a town where all the objects are sentient.

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