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A Show for Two

A Show for Two

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Additionally, as much as I adored Karina’s relationship with her brother in CDWY, I lowkey despised Anam in this novel and how she blamed Mina and called her selfish for ditching her to pursue her dream in California. She was also so rude to her parents, omg. There were moments where my jaw dropped at the attitude she showed--if I said half of the things to my parents that Mina or Anam said to their parents in this book I would not be alive writing this review right now, LOL. All her film club scenes are bland. Like Mina is supposed to be this aspiring screenwriter but there’s zero film terminology used in the story beyond a wayward movie references. I never got the impression that Mina was a die hard film lover like she was made out to be. The conflicts she had with Rose and Anam were also lukewarm with little stakes. Even the eventual college decision and film contest competition was passed off without any satisfying plot conclusion. this is going to sound harsh, but i just don't think bhuiyan is a very strong writer. i know she's young and just starting out, but it felt so amateur. so much telling and boring, skippable writing. very wattpad-ish, too. the "gen z-ness" of this book should have been edited out. every time there was slang or pop culture reference or mention of tiktok i wanted to die. please. can we just have one bloody book that discusses someone's musical tastes without references to kpop or hamilton!! i wanted to fling myself into a dark hole after reading the words "emmit gives me a taehyung vibe" STOP!!!!

we're not done with emmit. yes, he's as bland as they come but making him say "love" at the end of every sentence?? i don't think even actual british people say it as this man did in two scenes. he also smirks too much. it seems to be his default expression and im tired of it. mina and karina are the exact.same.person. one likes to write and the other likes to write... but screenplays this time, so it's definitely different. they're also both insufferable and as interesting as looking at white paper against a white wall. (or brown paper against a brown wall...?) its very diverse (whether it does something interesting with all that diversity is whole other can of worms tho)one of the things i find most abrasive about authors joining and encroaching on fandom spaces, especially on platforms like tiktok, is that it automatically flips a switch in people's minds and all the negative reception their books receive seems to vanish into thin air. this case is no exception. The hot yet unattainable love interest you will never even be able to glimpse in your pathetic mortal body and soul?) As Mina ventures across the five boroughs with Emmitt, the city she grew up in starts to look more like home than it ever has before. Suddenly, Mina’s dreams—which once seemed impenetrable—begin to crumble, and she’s forced to ask herself: Is winning worth losing everything? I don't know what else to say about the main character. I think you get how much I didn't like her. However, the rest of the characters were really good. I love Emmitt, Rosie, Anam, and Grant.

but, uh. this is genuinely one of the worst things i've read lol. like cdwy was terrible too, but at least that had SOME plot? SOME structure? i really can't fathom how you can take a pretty interesting concept as this and just make it so offensively bland. Thank you Netgalley for ruining my expectations once again. If a celebrity doesn't call me sweetheart or love- Dang it, I need a life.

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Join us in celebrating their powerful creative ambition through work that reflects the energy and dynamism of a world in motion. bhuiyan's bff irl is chloe gong (i think at least lol) and emmit's mother is called..... claire.gong. i-- emmit is literally the LI in cdwy (forgot his name)--down to the "bad boy" smirks and the rings and brooding personality that's just a cover for his sad, vulnerable heart. also they both have secret passions their parents would disapprove of so you can empathise with how HARD their poor lives are As time has gone by (literal months to provide an accurate albeit exaggerated timeframe) and the fangirling feelings I had once upon a time for this story started to diminish and make clear all the flaws I was too lazy to find previously, I’ve decided that this was an ‘alright’ book. counting down with you', bhuiyan's debut novel, received widespread success if we're talking about the positive buzz and reception it managed to generate on booktok. a love story featuring a bangladesh-muslim girl with her white savior boyfriend, there seems to be ambivelence with which people approach the book. the booktok community have shown their true colours, seeing as they always push for representation and visibility for marginalized voices, but when members of those communities speak up on how harmful that representation was, they seem to turn a blind eye.

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