Verity: The thriller that will capture your heart and blow your mind

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Verity: The thriller that will capture your heart and blow your mind

Verity: The thriller that will capture your heart and blow your mind

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But Lowen finds something else in Verity's office. An unfinished autobiography. As she reads, her fear grows. Lowen begins to dig into dark truths about the family and the deaths of their twin daughters. At the same time, she finds herself falling for Jeremy and wondering if perhaps she should reveal the truth to him. If you've yet to experience the delightthat is reading one of Hoover's novels, we suggest starting with this . . . Prepare for your pulse to race and palms to sweat."— E! News You'll stay up all night reading this . . .Hoover expertly combines thriller with romance to test the boundaries of who is telling the truth, and who is lying."— Woman's Day Everyone is WAY too cool with murder in this too. Verity is a Medea-figure here, one who uses sex as a means of control and ranks how she values Jeremy based on the quantity of sex they are having, so I guess its no surprise she’s down to murder and not give two shits. But then there is also the ending. I wanted to like it. I mean, okay this whole book plays with ideas of duality—the twins as two sides of Verity’s personality, the two possible truths at the end—but Hoover is WAY too eager to walk you through showing to point out how clever it is. She’s practically yelling “VERITY MEANS TRUTH! GET IT?!?!?!?” Verity is mainly about three people - struggling author Lowen Ashleigh, a man called Jeremy Crawford, and Jeremy's wife, Verity, who was recently left incapacitated by a car accident. Verity is a successful writer, but she is no longer able to continue her bestselling series. That's why Lowen is brought in to complete the remaining three books. To do so, she stays at the couple's house so she can go through Verity's notes.

I know it seems like I really hated this book but if you squint a little YOU WILL SEE that I did mention some positive highlights. Like this being a comedy. A+ miss Hoover. Or how Verity was the determined, obsessive psycho of my dreams. And I did actually get sad during one scene (When Jeremy pulled his daughter out of the river).The letter at the end was atrocious. A perfect example of when authors try to hand-hold the reader through the twist to make sure it lands. I didn't need a perfect play-by-play of what your pretending ass was up to in a letter. I gleaned it from you just saying "SIKE I WAS FAKING." Second, a part of the ending did not make sense. Again, I don’t want to spoil anything, but it has to do with a certain reaction to the manuscript. Their sex scenes were also about as hot as you'd expect two pieces of wood humping each other would be. Speaking of characters, Jeremy was nothing special either. He didn't play much of a role in the book, at least not actively. He was there to serve Verity's storyline and being the love interest. And that's that. He has a personality of a dry leaf and why both Verity and Lowen were obsessed with a question for another day. Jeremy is not enigmatic, he is not mysterious, he is not anything and that's one of my biggest problems in the book. He is just so badly written, when there could have been soooo much Hoover could have done with his character. Why should I care about him?

Unravels a picture-perfect couple’s courtship and marriage in truly twisted—and jaw-dropping—fashion."— Elle magazine Whoever thinks that letter was real, explain this comedy (which is actually much funnier with context I promise). I was half fully hoping Verity would chase her petrified ass around the house to really seal it in, the traumatisation and future years of therapy that is. For two reasons, actually. One, it is so compulsively readable that it's almost impossible to put it down until you've finished it. And two, it is seriously creepy and disturbing. Warnings for depictions of child abuse and some graphic violence. This one just blew my mind. I could not put this book down. I read it while fixing dinner and eating my dinner. I have never done this before. There are so many jaw dropping moments.

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Lowen’s life is literally in shambles—her mom just passed, she’s broke, on the brink of eviction and even though she’s a talented author, the crippling anxiety involved with marketing herself to fans has made her work less than popular.

I've pulled up this review and tried to make the words come for a couple of days now, but every time I try to write the words all that comes to mind is WTF Colleen?! Obviously we were warned going in that this one would but much different than her other novels, but she didn't tell us that it would be so compulsive and I wouldn't be able to live my life while reading it. How dare she?? But seriously, this book was so delicious in a seriously twisted way, and I feel slightly guilty admitting that I loved Verity so much due to its dark and disturbing nature. This book just tied with my favorite book for the year so far. When this writer writes another thriller, I will be snatching this one off the shelves right away. I strongly recommend this book to all thriller fans that love a disturbing and dark thriller. The writing here is, admittedly, pretty amazing. Character development and plot movement, as well as the establishment of tone, is all done masterfully. What is ludicrous, however, is the plot itself. What I’ve come to appreciate most about Colleen Hoover’s work—whether it’s an emotionally charged love story or in this case, her first go at suspense—is her penchant for pushing boundaries. For telling the unexpected story.

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There are genuinely spooky moments that had me squirming, and all sorts of twists and turns."— Business Insider This was straight-up hilarious. The funniest creepy book ever written. Did I hear that people cried while reading this? I sure hope it was tears of laughter (or pain) because y'all need to explain. It's a clever book, and I don't simply mean because of its twists and turns. It's clever because of the fear and uncertainty the author creates. That all three authors create. The aptly-named Verity is a novel about fictions and truths, about authors and characters, and about how it can sometimes be hard to separate the two. You must understand that although the suspense was okay and plot twists, even if below average, were at least emotion-inducing.... the romance was the blandest, stalest, dullest, dryest, most flavourless, and uninspiring piece of crap I've ever read. EVER. is it like a Mr Rochester thing? Because this book does seem constructed around Jane Eyre nods in many ways.

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