Funko 68247 Pop! Marvel: Venom - Venom with Mjolnir & Sword Exclusive #1141

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Funko 68247 Pop! Marvel: Venom - Venom with Mjolnir & Sword Exclusive #1141

Funko 68247 Pop! Marvel: Venom - Venom with Mjolnir & Sword Exclusive #1141

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Ask Conrad Lant - whose working name is Cronos - if he sees any parallels between the absurd events chronicled in This Is Spinal Tap, and the experiences enjoyed by Venom, the legendary heavy metal group he has fronted, on and off, for almost 30 years, and he is instantly dismissive. "That movie was never pointed at us," says the singer/bassist, evenly but firmly. "It was aimed at bands like Saxon, and Samson, and Iron Maiden. They all lived that ludicrous lifestyle; we never did. We were always down to earth, we always had friends who'd give us a slap if we got too full of ourselves." With thousands of hours of episodes, movies and videos, as well as some exclusive sneak peeks, there’s always something new to discover. Miss an episode on POP, Tiny Pop or POP MAX? Catch up on your favourite shows anytime and anywhere, whether you’re at home or on the go! That being said there are reports that this Pop is sometimes hard to balance even with the stand. The tentacle can cause the model to tip slightly, however this may vary from unit to unit.

There was only one brief instance (a blink and you’ll miss it moment) in the comic books where Cap was subjected to Venom. In an alternate reality, where Age of Apocalypse occurred, there is a single image of Steve Rogers with the Symbiotes head. No other information is given as to why this happened, nor was it ever referred to again. Phil Alexander reviewed the Hammersmith show for the French heavy metal magazine Enfer ("Hell"). "They were as heavy as Judas Priest, as flash as Kiss," he remembers. "Tonnes of pyro. There was all this tension before the gig: would the council allow the show to go on? Would they blow up Hammersmith Odeon? They were masters of PR; I remember one of their early press releases including a photograph of the group standing before a Rolls Royce, under a headline reading 'Venom are rich - very rich.'"However, Venom unravelled with a whimper, their lineup changing, their appeal becoming - as Spinal Tap's famously did - more selective. As the 80s wore on, Lant replaced Mantas and drummer Abbadon, before spending the early 90s pursuing a solo career as Cronos. Mantas and Abbadon, meanwhile, reformed Venom without their frontman, playing some shows in Russia supporting a reconstituted version of the Sweet. "I thought it was tragic, they were like a Venom covers band," says Lant, shaking his head sadly. The overall design for the Venomised Iron Man Pop Vinyl (#365) is one of the best on this Funko Blog list.

The first of Earth’s mightiest heroes in this Funko Blog list to fall to the Symbiote is the Venomised Captain America Vinyl Pop (#364). If you’re not familiar with the ‘anti-villain’, Venom is an alien Symbiote which attaches itself to a host and can take over entirely. When this happens, Venom displays traits and abilities of the host. In a Marvel Universe filled with superheroes and villains, that also leads to powers too. Personally I’ve never been a big fan of Ghost Rider, however this Venom Funko Pop has changed my mind. What makes this Pop differ from the other recent crossovers is that it hasn’t fully consumed Hulk, with the stance of the figure looking like it is in the throws of Venom fighting with the green beast for dominance (or Hulk is just too big for Venom to consume). The very qualities that had alienated the British music press would win Venom the respect of this new American wave of metal. In Joel McIver's book The Bloody Reign of Slayer, the group's drummer, Dave Lombardo, tells the author: "We were going to be everything that's not Hollywood; we're not going to be pretty boys, we're going to be ugly boys, and we're not going to write about parties, we're going to write about Satan. [Guitarist Kerry King] liked the whole satanic thing, Venom was a huge influence."Gwen got infected with the Symbiote in the Spider-Gwen comic Volume 2 #25-29 and this addition to the Venom collection gives us a great figure. Possibly the best Venom Vinyl Pop combo in the Funko Blog list (next to the Loki and Ghost Rider below), the Venomised Hulk (#366) is so exciting to look at, well moulded and well painted, it deserves a round of applause to its design team.

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