TOPPING D70s MQA USB DAC Bluetooth5.0 LDAC 2 x AK4497 32Bit/768kHz DSD512 Decoder AK4118 XMOS XU216 AES/USB/BT/OPT/COAX/IIS Input XLR/RAC Output Desktop Hifi Audio MQA DAC with Remote Control (Black)

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TOPPING D70s MQA USB DAC Bluetooth5.0 LDAC 2 x AK4497 32Bit/768kHz DSD512 Decoder AK4118 XMOS XU216 AES/USB/BT/OPT/COAX/IIS Input XLR/RAC Output Desktop Hifi Audio MQA DAC with Remote Control (Black)

TOPPING D70s MQA USB DAC Bluetooth5.0 LDAC 2 x AK4497 32Bit/768kHz DSD512 Decoder AK4118 XMOS XU216 AES/USB/BT/OPT/COAX/IIS Input XLR/RAC Output Desktop Hifi Audio MQA DAC with Remote Control (Black)

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On the wrong setup Arya will sound cold and lifeless, it can be even forward and cramped with the wrong source. D70 is brightening the day a little bit for them, it adds some midrange magic, a weightier tone, a little bit of substance and opens up the window for a wider soundstage and for a deeper sound. Az átlagos – nem audiofil irányultságú – zenehallgató számára, tisztán kényelmi szempontból nézve, persze fenntartva az általa jó minőségnek érzékelt hangot, ma a legmeggyőzőbb zenehallgatási módszer előfizetni egy stream szolgáltatónál (pl.Tidal vagy Apple Music) és a telefonról, vagy elit megközelítésben egy dedikált tabletről Bluetooth-on keresztül, vezetékektől mentesen kapcsolódva egy erre képes DAC/erősítő pároshoz, és szabadon böngészni az online elérhető sokezer album között. Egyszerű, gyors, helytakarékos, és az autóhifin meg az mp3 „kultúrán” szocializálódott nemzedékek számára ez a „lifestyle” életmód zenei oldala. Erre a célra, és az ezen az igényszinten mozgók számára létezik egy jutányos, de kifejezetten jó hangú megoldás, a szintén kínai SMSL D300/2-es eszköze. Lásd: Számomra a rendszerem egyensúlyához szükség van a kiegészítőkre, az Entreq kábelre, és a Core Audio bridge-re, ez a három együtt egy nagyon jó zenei kifejező készségű kombinációt alkot, egy picit az említett hibákkal együtt. Ugyanakkor, ezekkel együtt is, a hangja csak nyomokban tartalmazza az ismert digitális keménységet, néha egy-egy hangon észre lehet venni, amikor bevillan, de amúgy egy nagyon hosszan hallgatható, élményszerű hang. The volume control of D70 reminds me that it can also be used as a pre-amp for a power-amp or for some powered active speakers.

TOPPING is a premium desktop audio equipment manufacturing company, its DACs and AMPs like D90 and A90have become ubiquitous lately and seen everywhere. The products offer exceptional value and outstanding performance measurements that exceed many of competing manufacturers’ best offerings. To connect to it, simply press the select button until the BT lettering will appear on its screen, enable BT on your phone, search for the D70S, connect to it and that’s it! My smartphone is showing a stable LDAC connection, so I will be testing the best it could offer, as LDAC is currently the best Bluetooth codec that supports 24-bit files at up to 990 kb/sec. It has the same linear and regulated toroidal transformer, followed by 8 independent voltage regulators and by 7 big electrolytic high-grade caps (Nichicon FW series) that were specially designed for audio components, so you can be sure that clean power will be delivered to both analog and digital circuitry. The XMOS chip on the USB type-B input is a really nice chip, combined with two femto-second Accusilicon chips the sound was ever clearer, more detailed and really focused. There is nothing to complain about its performance via USB, connected to my desktop PC I head zero problems with it. I consider the USB inputs among the best digital inputs on this unit.The D70 continues the trend of recent products from Topping to move away from ESS DAC chips to AKM. So while the D70 may look similar to Topping DX7s (sans headphone amplifier), it has a completely different architecture internally. So let's get into measurements and see how it does. Switching to Pink Floyd, Topping D70 would always grab me emotionally and would whisper to me: look at how well I am playing this guitar, look at this deep reaching voice, look how smooth everything sounds. Element X was not as catchy sounding, it was more linear and maybe too serious at times. For this type of music, I think D70 is more appropriate. Les casques essayés: Audio technica M7Rb, Beyer DT990 pro 250, Focal Spirit classic, intras Blon BL-03. Power filtering is done by a very stable toroidal transformer, followed by few ultra low-noise power regulators to provide clean power to the sensitive analog and digital circuitry. The Topping D70 came dangerously close to unseating every other DAC. Its full output distortion is a few dB worse than the best so it didn't get there. But in all other respects, the D70 produces exceptional measured performance. Its crown jewel is exceptionally quiet noise floor that creates one of the best dynamic ranges I have measured. Use of AKM chip takes advantage of that to produces exceptionally clean performance where your volume control normally would be.

Both are nice quality units, Element X is wider, deeper and taller, it is much heavier as well. This does not come as a surprise since Element X besides being a DAC, it is also a balanced headphone amplifier, a digital player (via a smartphone App) and a wireless streamer with some impressive networking capabilities. It is doing a lot more and as such is costing a lot more. Element X is offering 4.4 Vrms on the balanced output, D70 is offering 4 Vrms. Benchmark HPA4 has 2 XLR inputs and the power of any input can be increased or decreased individually (Love this feature a lot!) so both were volume matched in no time, with a press on the HPA4 touch-screen I would choose one or another. To measure and perfectly match both I also needed a MiniDSP EARS system. mérésekkel is van kimutatható különbség a különböző kábelek között. A Youtube-os Retrotech Hungary csatorna szintén foglalkozott a kérdéssel. The AKM AK4118 is a digital audio transceiver that supports coaxial, optical, and AES signals. Supporting up to 24bit/192kHz, it achieves the lowest jitter of any S/PDIF receiver currently on the market. I clearly remember my Topping D70 experience as if it was yesterday, it was good when it came to midrange delivery, but less so at both frequency extremes and in this regard, the newest D70S feels like a big upgrade to its predecessor. Szerencsémre, vagy ez inkább egy átok, nem is tudom, kaptam a kábelek mellé kölcsön a Core Audiotól egy USB Bridge-t, az náluk a Karuna névre hallgat. Ez az az eszköz, ami fogadja a lapoptól jövő USB jelet, majd átalakítja S/Pdif jellé, amit tovább viszünk a DAC-hoz. Amíg az ember nem hallja ezt a közbülső fokozatot, hajlamos azt gondolni, hogy a D70S USB bejáratával (+ Entreq kábel) szívesen hallgat zenét, amíg világ a világ, meg még két nap, de a Karuna megmutatja, hogy van innen is feljebb. Sajnos, a Karuna sokkal tisztább, kifinomultabb, torzítatlanabb, jobb a térábrázolása, és egy egyértelműen nagyobb a dinamikája – a halk, finom kis részletek átadásának irányában. Sajnos, mert többe kerül, mint maga a DAC. Átdugva az Entreq B dugóját vissza a DAC-ba, minden kicsivel kisebb, kicsivel izgágább (nem a jó értelemben) és nyersebb. Jó hifi, a High-End Audio után.The D70s has six input interfaces, allowing you to connect multiple devices at once: a laptop or computer through USB, a phone or tablet via bluetooth, a balanced source via AES, and more. Switch through them on-the-fly with the included remote control. Both USB and IIS support up to 32bit/768kHz & DSD512 native. AES, optical, and coaxial support up to 24bit/192kHz. Bluetooth supports 24bit/96kHz. D90 was already impressive in terms of scale, as it sounded as one of the widest AKM based DAC I had experienced so far, yet D70S is somehow better at this, it excels with live music, with acoustic music and will be always throwing a bigger picture in front of the listener. The D70s comes with a fully-functional remote allowing you to control every aspect of the D70s from volume to gain to user settings. You can even use it to switch output modes, which is useful if you’re running multiple amplifiers. R2R /ladder dacs have it easy in the output, (I found) filtering to be mainly to please marketing but for music steep filtering just gets in the way. It destroys phase coherence which messes up soundstage and ambiance cues. Nothing worse and unnatural than pre-echo. And voltage is already up there, no amplification needed really. Just buffering for impedance if you want. I don't like buffering because i dislike complicating the signal path. Anything extra always takes something away from the pure signal (information can only be lost, never created). D70s has the certification of Hi-Res Audio Wireless and LDAC, it uses CSR8675 chipset to support LDAC/AAC/SBC/APTX/APTX LL/APTX HD protocol. To get even better sound quality from Bluetooth, Topping abandons the built-in DAC of CSR8675 and connect its digital signal to dual AK4497 to decode.

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