This Is Your Own Time You’re Wasting: The SUNDAY TIMES bestseller from the hilarious teacher duo and podcast hosts, the Two Mr Ps

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This Is Your Own Time You’re Wasting: The SUNDAY TIMES bestseller from the hilarious teacher duo and podcast hosts, the Two Mr Ps

This Is Your Own Time You’re Wasting: The SUNDAY TIMES bestseller from the hilarious teacher duo and podcast hosts, the Two Mr Ps

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I’m going nowhere, I’ve achieved nothing” is either followed by curling up in bed and doing nothing or going absolutely crazy, like a squirrel that’s had 7 cups of coffee, and never letting yourself rest. Not even for a moment.

Your book certainly evoked lots of memories from my own time at Primary School so I think the reach of the book is pretty much everyone and who doesn’t love a few leaked secrets from the ‘other side’ that is the staffroom?! The side-splittingly hilarious and heart-warming new book from your favourite teacher duo and hosts of Two Mr Ps in a Pod(cast) However, this is one of the best ways to calm yourself down, to learn how to be happy (or happier) with the present, and learn to enjoy more of what you earn in the future. Culling these 10 habits is a good place to start when it comes to cleansing your lifestyle and making the most out of all life has to offer: 1) Ditch the comparisonsOne could be so simple as trying out a new coffee shop, or finishing that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for months. This was a super fun book based on teaching primary school kids from the perspective of teachers! I adored the first book and when I saw there was a release for the second, I couldn’t wait! If you’re looking for a guaranteed hilarious and funny read, this is your book. I need to admit that I haven’t read “ Put a wet paper towel on it.” I can feel the judging already 😂😂 but I am on my way to get the first book…. Honest. If you expect trouble, you're going to get trouble. If you treat a kid like they're a troublemaker before they've even done anything, they're going to see that you expect the worst of them and play up to it. The sad thing is, I recognise the cast. The same people disrupting every lesson, getting away with it over and over. The same kids on report all the time, it did sweet FA. The poor excuses for teachers and the ones who were good teachers but never actually got around to teaching us anything. I can think of two, maybe three teachers who always had control of the class. One of these was a maths teacher, I am terrible at maths but that year I had her, I actually learned things. Unfortunately I never had her again so my maths standards sunk shortly after. I also had Greg Davies from Inbetweeners fame as my Drama teacher, great comedian, bad teacher. Chalks descriptions of Drama reminded me of his lessons.

Consider gratitude journaling a few things you’re grateful for each day, or set time aside to say these out loud (to yourself!) 3) Avoid moping around… For if you don’t schedule rest days, your body will take them for you and you’ll find that there are many days where you’re far too exhausted to contemplate even thinking about how to improve your life.Hopefully this list provides some pointers on which habits you need to start ditching if you’re feeling like you’re in a rut and watching life pass you by. Mr Chalk is saying: "Give these kids a chance, teach them what they need to know for life. Teach them to be on time. To be polite. Basic numeracy and literacy. Let them learn skilled professions and be proud of their work - don't teach them French when they are not fully literate in their native language. Don't hope they will go to University and study XYZ Studies to leave it with 60, 000 pounds worth of debt and no career options." This is an entertaining read that also makes some salient points around education, and can be enjoyed by educators and parents alike. On a personal level, I liked the separation of each brother's contributions by the use of different fonts, although I soon forgot which brother was which. But one issue I had was the book's general style; if, like their first book this was generated via their podcast, it's a shame that it reads like a transcription of said podcast. The opening of the book reads like the script of an over-enthusiastic 80s/90s Saturday morning children's TV show, and the overuse of exclamation marks really irritated me. Just remember to take every day as it comes and avoid trying to cull every habit tomorrow, as Rome wasn’t built in a day, and massive overhauls often lead to extreme fatigue and exhaustion.

Affect an accent that is posher than the pupils' (Not difficult). This will worry them because you are obviously ‘Not From Round Here.’ As most will never venture more than half a mile from the Cherry Tree Estate (once a fortnight to sign on, plus Court appearances or burglary outings) they find this quite disturbing." Know your enemy. With a new class, always get the troublemakers' names off another teacher, with descriptions."

8) Shun freestyling life…

So much so that you start declining invitations because you feel like you’ll be judged, or you want to focus on things that might help get you somewhere at home (although you just end up wallowing in bed). Join in on the classroom antics as they share the unexpected pitfalls of online teaching, all the reasons you need a strong stomach to take on Early Years and why not every household item makes a suitable Harry Potter wand … You can combine the above points and incorporate seeing your loved ones with trying a new experience and take a friend paragliding (if they’re up for it). Your turn!

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