The Book With No Name: The International Bestseller (The Bourbon Kid Trilogy)

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The Book With No Name: The International Bestseller (The Bourbon Kid Trilogy)

The Book With No Name: The International Bestseller (The Bourbon Kid Trilogy)

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Magdalen is not a heroine of Victorian liking. She is a criminal and a sinner in the eyes of a rigid Victorian society. Her conduct is far too modern for Victorian understanding. But Magdalen could be a modern heroine. The modern society though cannot condone her conduct, for no decent society can sanction deception, would understand Magdalen better; would appreciate the circumstances that drove her to act as she did. However, Collins doesn't abandon Magdalene to face Victorian social justice. He shows that Magdalene sees the reason of her follies under the kind guidance of her sister and her new love and that she was repentant at the end and is determined to become a better person worthy of her sister and husband.

Where It All Began: The Bourbon Kid made his first appearance in Sanchez' bar, and it's where the final confrontation over the Eye of the Moon takes place but not the climax, which is in the police station. What ensues is a nail-biter. Wilkie Collins puts modern day mystery writers to shame! There are so many twists and turns it makes you dizzy, but every one has a purpose and leads somewhere. I cannot imagine being a Victorian and having to read this in installments. My poor husband is celebrating that I have finished, because by the second half I was scarcely able to break from it long enough to fix his dinner.

Take the opening sequence in chapter one, for example. Did nobody else think that scene was straight out of "Desperado" (1995, director Robert Rodriguez, starring Antonio Banderas)? In the film, we see Banderas' character in the Tarasco bar in Mexico, telling the story of a massacre he witnessed in another bar. The low-life drinkers in the bar are uninterested until he identifies the killer as "Bucho", and he describes "Bucho" as moving with his face constantly in the shade. Bucho, of course, turns out to be him, and he proceeds to kill the entire clientele gathered in the bar, including staff, but saving the barkeep. Two sisters in Victorian England: the sensible and compliant Norah and the somewhat spoilt Magdalen Vanstone come from a good family. At their parents' sudden death, a family secret is revealed and the sisters are disinherited and become 'Nobody's Children'. Norah makes her way by becoming a governess, while Magdalen sets out on a cruise for justice and revenge, using her acting skills. Hi everyone! I’m Kang. Today I’m going to share with you how to pass "Book with no name 1991, Philosopher’s Stone Ⅰ to Ⅴ" all with 4 stars strategy. You can get 120 gems in each stage. So, in total, we can get 600 free gems!

Violent and funny, with a hefty dose of vampires, The Book With No Name traces the path of a mysterious blue stone that has been stolen from the very odd Hubal monks. The stone bounces from one thief to another, wreaking havoc and attracting the attention of a notorious serial killer called The Bourbon Kid. Miles Jensen, supernatural detective, is sent to the town of Santa Mondega where all this craziness is taking place. Basically the plot a devastating legal issue. Norah and Magdalen parents are not legally married. Mr Vanstone was married before abroad and was unable to divorce. Finalement, la question qu'il faut se poser, c'est : "Est-il possible et/ou pertinent d'adapter en livre les classiques de la série B télé ?" El otro factor importante por el que no he conseguido conectar son sus personajes y particularmente la protagonista, Magdalen, que a pesar de ser compleja e interesante, me sacaba de quicio constantemente. Mexican Standoff: Toward the end, about ten people fighting over the Eye of the Moon and the hostage Dante are aiming at each other in the Tapioca, with the Bourbon Kid aiming at all of them. Kyle, El Santino, Miguel, Carlito, Jefe, a bartender and a random Elvis impersonator are killed; Jessica is once again almost dead, and Dante, Kacy, Peto, Sanchez and the Kid are the only survivors.The book is a hybrid of the horror/fantasy/thriller genres and the pace doesn't let up once it gets started. There are plenty of twists in the plot and the story keeps you guessing til the end. A thrilling classic with a strong female character, a plot full of twists and turns, but too many details. Recommended for classic-lovers. Sullo sfondo di questa ricca e intricata vicenda emerge una rappresentazione singolare di personaggi sorprendenti, sia nel bene che nel male, caratterizzati meravigliosamente e magistralmente delineati. Vi è un caleidoscopio di caratteri eccentrici, odiosi, meschini, tenaci, virtuosi, accattivanti o diabolici; nessuno è bianco o nero, tutti i personaggi sono vivi, ben definiti, carismatici ed intensi, tanto da rendere il lettore coinvolto nelle loro vicende e di sentirli come se fossero degli amici. Ogni figura è descritta con maestria, ed è in perpetua evoluzione; si muove e agisce spinta dalle motivazioni più o meno nobili, più o meno giuste, o semplicemente legittime.

Ironic Echo Cut: At some point, Jensen and Somers suggest that Dante might be the Bourbon Kid himself. This is immediately followed by Dante doing something stupid, having no idea what he's doing and/or being way over his head. Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Elvis: A very skilled hitman who wears an Elvis Presley costume wherever he goes. I usually have a hard time liking books with multiple POVs because my head spins at the vast differences in plot and setting for each POV. But this book skirts that zone and I loved the switching between POVs, it really added so much tension and import to the scenes as the story progressed.I should mention that this guy is one hell of an interesting writer if I can go by anything said by Dan Simmons in Drood, since the author is the main character! All the above would have failed however to make this book a fascinating read if it wasn't combined with Collins's beautiful prose and his sensitive and sincere writing. The descriptive writing paints a complete picture of the events and characters of the story; the cleverly executed plot and smooth flow of the story hold fast the readers to the story; the touch of humour here and there adds a bit of lightness to otherwise a grave story; the compassionate writing where Magdalen was concerned, emotionally moves the readers. The Dreaded: El Santino is the most feared criminal in all of Santa Mondega, but he is nothing compared to Bourbon Kid, whose "name" is only whispered even five years after his last appearance. Guns Akimbo: Owing to the genre, several examples during the story with the most notable one being Bourbon kid and his two Škorpion submachine guns.

This is a truly remarkable novel. There were moments when I could see quite clearly where we were going, and yet this didn't detract from the pleasure of reading the novel because I wanted to know how the author would achieve this end. And Wilkie Collins didn't disappoint! It is a novel of a complicated structure, with a whole host of characters; well worth reading for the feel of the 19th century alone. The legal angle only adds to the pleasure.

The International Bestseller

Most importantly, how do all these people come to be linked to the strange book with no name? The anonymous, ancient book that no one seems to have survived reading? There's only one way to find out what happens when you listen the book with no name… The dialogue is on point with the style, it is witty, pacey and gritty. This feels like a guilty pleasure, a book that just stimulates the senses and leaves you wondering - what just happened? Mr Vanstone's daughters are Nobody's Children ... and the law leaves them helpless at their uncle's mercy!" The novel is mostly set in the fictional town of Santa Mondega, and in particular, the Tapioca bar owned by Sanchez. Very like a Tarantino film, the characters are unnatural and outlandish, just like the Elvis impersonating hitman, the vampires and the surprising woman who just came out of a 5-year coma with amnesia. The stylisation is eccentric and the ridiculous non-stop pace through the book is breath-taking.

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