The Book of Phobias and Manias: A History of the World in 99 Obsessions

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The Book of Phobias and Manias: A History of the World in 99 Obsessions

The Book of Phobias and Manias: A History of the World in 99 Obsessions

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Ich fand es sehr interessant zu lesen, dass viele Menschen unter denselben Ängsten leiden und man nicht allein mit seiner Angst ist.

The author's youthfulness helps to assure the inevitable comparison with the Anne Frank diary although over and above the sphere of suffering shared, and in this case extended to the death march itself, there is no spiritual or emotional legacy here to offset any reader reluctance. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones facing down a cobra in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1981). Photo: Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection Das Buch bietet ein detailliertes Inhaltsverzeichnis von A bis Z, das sowohl die lateinischen Begriffe als auch die deutschen Bezeichnungen für die jeweiligen Phobien und Manien auflistet. So findet man sich leicht in den verschiedenen Kapiteln zurecht. This handy sized book covers them all, it was enlightening and very eye opening. What I especially loved was the wealth of research that was clearly done to create this encyclopaedic compendium - each phobia or mania gives examples in history of each affliction, which was utterly fascinating to read about. Anschließend werden die einzelnen Obsessionen anhand von Fallbeispielen erläutert. Der Schreibstiel hat mir dabei sehr gut gefallen.

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BEATLEMANIA: yes that's in the book. Although it typically comprises those teeny bloopers from the '60s it can also include the criers. I am that crier. That is all. Cynophobia - Fear of dogs. A friend of mine gets completely paralysed when she sees a dog. It seems an especially difficult fear in the modern world. I had this as a kid because my aunt & uncle's kuvasz dogs (an extremely large breed) ran over me when I was small. Im Buch selbst finden sich immer wieder passende Illustrationen zu den jeweiligen Obsessionen, wie beispielsweise eine kleine Ratte bei „Musophobie“ oder ein paar Knöpfe bei „Koumpounophobie“. Phobien und Manien möchte Kate Summerscale uns in ihrem spannenden A-Z-Kompendium näherbringen. Und das tut sie auf sehr informative und vor allem unterhaltsame und spannende Weise. Batrachophobia - Fear of frogs/toads. I know not one, but two people with this! Both say the same thing: they're terrified of the sudden movements of these animals, that they never know where they might end up.

I was clearly more intrigued by what scares people than what they are excited by or feel compelled to do, but as the author writes at some point, aversion and attraction are two sides of the same coin. They both equal obsession. When you fear something to the point of it being a phobia, you are constantly on the lookout for it. In wishing to avoid it, you are constantly making it the center of your thoughts and experiences. I triple dog dare you to read this book and list your fears and impulsivities. It really made me think 🤔 I also know I will definitely be on medication for the rest of my life. Fykiaphobia - Fear of seaweed. I love seaweed, I eat it, I drink it, I slather it on my skin. Seaweed's great.It's an encyclopedia describing several manias and phobias, mainly focusing on the historical aspect - how they were discovered first, what famous historical people wrote about them or suffered from them - but also including more recent 'fun facts', treatments, and explanations. A phobia is a persistent, overwhelming and debilitating fear, often with irrational cause. For the purposes of diagnosis, that fear must interfere with normal functioning. In her introduction, Summerscale discusses how some fears are considered to have a evolutionary purpose, a reflex to protect us from external threats, like snakes (Ophidiophobia) for example. Others may be a result of personal experience, for example someone may develop a fear of dogs (cynophobia) after being bitten by one; or cultural conditioning, like the fear of being without a mobile phone (nomophobia). Some fears, like most mania’s, may be related to chemical imbalances in the brain. A mania is often an overwhelming compulsion to do something, like stealing (kleptomania) or oniomania (shopping). A mania may also stem from a delusion, such as the false belief that one is desired (erotomania), and can affect clusters of people. BIBLIOMANIA-I was once on here as the bibliomaniac. I got bored. I changed it. Yes I do believe I buy at least one book a day because obviously I'll be able to read all of those before I die hard-to-stop-reading histories . . . from the familiar (homophobia) to surprising fears of eggs, hair, silence and everything (pantophobia). Did you know that Oprah is afraid of balloons?”— Chicago Tribune The Book of Phobias and Manias by Kate Summerscale is an interesting compendium identifying familiar and obscure fears and obsessions that afflict humankind.

Personally, I don’t care much for heights (acrophobia) though I’m fine if I’m in a fully enclosed area like a building or a plane. I am also afraid of sharks (galeophobia) and by extension I don’t like being in deep water (thalassophobia). My fears aren’t quite severe enough to warrant diagnosis as a phobia though.


And then let’s not forget about the mania - we all remember beatlemania in the 60s bit what about oniomania (shopping), nymphomania (sex), plutomania (riches) and of course something we could all identify with - bibliomania (books)! The entries in The Book of Phobias and Manias are arranged alphabetically, from Ablutophobia to Zoophobia. The length of each varies but in most instances Summerscale defines the phobia, or mania, and offers some historical, cultural and scientific context as well as an anecdote or case study. I found the entries to be very readable and the language is accessible, but there is some repetition that is noticeable if you read through the book in one sitting. Summerscale’s research seems to be sound, though Freud was cited uncomfortably often. The sources she provides are quite extensive and a good source of further reading. Dromomania - The compulsion to wander. That's what I get when I have a deadline coming up or an important task to finish.

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