Sony 19.5V 4.7 A AC Adapter Charger for Laptop

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Sony 19.5V 4.7 A AC Adapter Charger for Laptop

Sony 19.5V 4.7 A AC Adapter Charger for Laptop

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PCG-61A12L PCG-61A13L PCG-81114L PCG-81115L PCG-394L PCG-7112M PCG-7113M PCG-7131 PCG-7142L PCG-7153L PCG-7154L PCG-7184L PCG-7185L PCG-61315L PCG-61317L PCG-61511L PCG-61611L PCG-71311L PCG-71312L PCG-71313L PCG-71318L PCG-71811L PCG-71913L The reason I say reasonably sure without damaging the monitor is that the internal regulators that operate off the 12vdc, normally will now get hotter because of the higher input voltage. This could eventually cause a failure of the internal regulator if it gets much hotter than the design can handle. But this should be OK if the monitor is not used in a room that is excessively hot like 40–60°C. My laptop is rated "19.5V - 3.34A / 4.62A", should I buy a 65W or a 90W AC adapter? Sony Vaio PCG Series:PCG-3J1L PCG-3G2L PCG-5K2L PCG-6G3L PCG-6G4L PCG-7161L PCG-7162L PCG-7172L PCG-7192L PCG-7Y2L

There are physical limits to the size, mainly determined by the size of the filter capacitors in the front-end power supply. The capacitors have to have enough microfarads to supply current between AC cycles. There also has to be a transformer and those can be made smaller, to a point, but there are limits there too. The adapter output voltage needs to closely match the monitor requirement. (V-monitor -1v)

United Kingdom SONY VGP-AC19V33 ac adapter, 19.5V 3.9A VGP-AC19V33 Notebook Power ac adapter SONY19.5V3.9A75W-6.5x4.4mm

Therefore, you need to ensure that the charger you get is 19.5V. The issue then is, does your specific laptop use the 3.34amps or the 4.62? If you aren’t sure and cost is the same, just go for the higher amperage (therefore wattage) one. As long as the volts are correct, you wont damage the device. How do AC adapters work, and why are they so large? VGP-AC19V76 VGP-AC19V28 VGP-AC19V42 VGP-AC19V59 VGP-AC19V60 VGP-AC19V34 VGP-AC19V38 VGP-AC19V44 VGP-AC19V47 VGP-AC19V49 Sony Vaio PCGA-A Series: All Models, Sony Vaio VGP-A Series:VGP-AC19V2 VGP-AC19V10 VGP-AC19V11 VGP-AC19V12 VGP-AC19V13 VGP-AC19V19 VGP-AC19V20 VGP-AC19V21 VGN-CR309E/R VGN-FS620/W VGN-N250E/W VGN-NR180E VGN-NW240F/S VGN-NW310F VGN-AR VPCEE25FX SDM-M51 SDM-M51D SVE11125CXB SVE11125CXW SVE111B11L SVE15135CXW SVF142C29L SVE141L11L KDL-48W590B KDL-48W580B KDL-48W600B KDL-40W600

Excessive voltage can damage your device, but excessive amperage won’t (the device will only draw as many amps as it needs) The adapter you are trying to use should match these requirements. The first thing that needs to match for the adapter is the power requirement but needs to be equal to or greater than the monitor requires. Second thing is the voltage rating of the adapter. It needs to be, I would say, within 1 volt of the requirement or maybe no more than 2v higher than the requirement. Third, the adapter current should be equal to or greater than the monitor requirement. The monitor will draw a fixed current. So a adapter that can supply more is ok. It will only supply what the monitor needs which is less than it can supply. It's like your mom giving you 10 lbs of potatoes to eat, but you only need 1 lb to eat. The rest are available but not needed. Same thing with the adapter. But the adapter needs to be able to supply what the monitor needs. So, Adapter has 13.5vdc output. Monitor requires 12vdc. 13.5vdc > 12vdc OK. 13.5vdc < 12vdc + 2vdc = 14vdc OK. PCG-91311L PCG-4121Gl PCG-61A14L PCG-61411L PCG-71911L PCG-71912L PCG-3G2 PCG-5N4L PCG-5S1L PCG-5S2L

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