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SML Official Merch - Junior Puppet

SML Official Merch - Junior Puppet

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He is also addicted to Doofy The Dragon, similar to his Dad's TV addiction to Charleyyy and Friends, though to a much lesser extent. The channel was referenced in a FNAF fan game known as "Ultimate Nintendo Night". The game features a mode known as "SML Movie", which references the channel. This is due to Mario, Rosalina, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Koopa Troopa, and Kamek being selectable antagonists in the game. (Toad is also featured in the game but likely wasn't featured in the mode, as he is paired with Toadette.)

Most of the time, Junior likes to make fun of Cody's mom because of how fat she is by calling her animal names and how she should be in the ocean or a zoo. While Cody sometimes ignores this, Junior's jokes can go way too far which makes Cody want to beat him down or even joke about how Bowser Junior doesn't know his real mom. In the present, Cody is now used to Junior making fun of his mom. Chef Pee Pee Quits: In an alternate universe, Chef Pee Pee quits his job as Bowser's chef, after he and Junior make a mess, which he's blamed for. After he becomes homeless, Chef Pee Pee tries to find a new job, but many of these attempts would fail. It lasted for seven episodes. Jeffy's Birthday: A series of videos set on Jeffy's birthday, where he, his parents and friends get up to adventures along the way. Logan attended J.M. Tate High School in Cantonment, Florida, and graduated on June 4, 2013. He currently lives in Pensacola, Florida, in the United States. On November 4, 2020, Logan, along with his brother Lance, and multiple other SML crew members tested positive for COVID-19, but they have all recovered from it since then. [ citation needed] History [ ] YouTube Career [ ]Super Flatulence: In the same episode, Junior possessed the ability to create a disturbing gaseous smell from his butt. He even pointed out how Rachel was defending Logan when the pictures clearly showed her writing negative things about him. He added that he had been told that the picture Logan had taken was sent to Chilly's house. All of the evidence he presented regarding the video debunked what she had said about the screenshots. Precious: Logan's favorite pet cat who appeared in videos until she sadly passed away as a result of Stage 4 Kidney Failure. Zeke's return and the addition of nearly every character throughout the series pleased older fans. Later on, a video entitled "The SML Movie", was released on April 1, 2017. Instead of it being the movie, it was an April Fools video consisting of Jeffy painting a fence and then watching the paint dry for one hour.

Bully: A mean kid who often bullies Jeffy, only for him to get repeatedly beaten up by him. He is Muriel's son and was originally a Bullet Bill prior to the cease-and-desist. Out of the trio, Junior is in middle of the three due to Cody being born in February and Joseph being born a month after Junior in October. Simmons: Brooklyn Guy's best friend, and associate at the police station. He hails from Australia, and for a time was an exotic animal hunter. Penelope: One of the few female students in Y U Dumb, and Brooklyn Guy's daughter. She is very smart, like Cody, yet also quite bratty. Junior has a major crush on her. She once planned to send all boys to Jupiter, to make them dumber, before being told it's a gas giant. In " Bowser Junior's New Room!", Junior is now Chef Pee Pee's roommate, much to the despair and annoyance of the latter, yet to the pleasure do the former because Junior's old room was taken over by his father as punishment for eating his strawberry donut and sneaking out of his room. After Junior says he loves him, Chef Pee Pee mutters the same, yet does not say it directly to Junior.Braxton: Junior's strict yet lazy father, doing nothing except watching his favorite show, Charleyyy and Friends. He's also shown to be very mean, especially when it comes to Chef Pee Pee. Whilst he started out as a main character, Braxton would make fewer appearances overtime, turning him into a minor character. He was originally Bowser prior to the cease-and-desist. Stinky was Junior's pet that replaced Crusty in Bowser Junior's Pet!. It was a bad idea however, because he sprays Joseph and Cody. He later gets beaten to death by Bowser. Terrance was named the way he is because it was like "Terrance-ula." He made his first appearance in The Tarantula!. Does Bad Things Guy: Brooklyn Guy's evil twin brother who secretly took over for him in a period lasting for 7 months. He was shot by Brooklyn Guy in the video "The Secret Door!" Officer Cuddlesworth: The chief's pet dog, who serves as a member of the K-9 Unit. When Simmons "died", he took over as Brooklyn Guy's partner. He's made a few appearances after this.

It was revealed in Bowser Junior's Biggest Fear!, that Junior had Sidonglobophobia (fear of cotton balls). While Logan made Bowser a puppet by turning a normal plush of his character into a puppet, it is not officially credited as one of the new puppets as it did not actually transform him into a human. Logan also tried to make the Junior plush into a puppet; it turned out poorly, with Logan describing the result as "scary." Bowser Junior's Playtime: Junior and his friends regularly play a roleplay game called "House". Junior plays the father, Joseph the mother, and Cody the daughter. However, everything always derails into chaos.

A few stunt doubles for him have different eyebrows. This is because San-ei, the plush manufacturer, had re-released it some time after it's initial release. In Bowser Junior Goes To Military School!, Brooklyn T. Guy, as his full name was revealed, treated Junior and the other students badly, as they went through a dangerous course, as the other students were killed by an explosion, but Junior made it. Brooklyn T. Guy was impressed. Later, Junior was trapped and ate disgusting things, including nails, and was even forced to watch Big Hero 6, as Brooklyn Guy even burned Thomas. After military school, Junior was not the same. In some cases, Junior would represent "Envy", judging the fact that he has been selfish to Cody (including his large box of crayons). The following list includes characters who are the main staple of the series and appear most often. These consist of: It is revealed that Bowser Junior is one of Logan's favorite characters along with Brooklyn T. Guy in one of Dabhdude's Livestream. [2]

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