Shadowscapes Tarot (78 card deck and a 264 page book)

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Shadowscapes Tarot (78 card deck and a 264 page book)

Shadowscapes Tarot (78 card deck and a 264 page book)

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This card describes the fun, optimism, and hope for your future with good reason! You will feel energetic and positive or you will soon realize this feeling. It also shows that this is a good time to start something new. What will you start with? Work

You can change your perspective if you think your physical condition is not working. It does not mean you have to ignore all the doctor’s instructions, just research and think about it deeply. There may be things that you think you know but it turns out that you are not, so do it the other way. Your health will get better after the whole process. Mentality The biggest lessons of this card are that we “control” when we let things go and we “win” when we get lost. The image on the card number 12 made a perfect surrender – death on the cross – spread out the perfect aura of victory, sacrifice yourself and become the winner. This also shows that you are involved in legal proceedings in the near future. Legal issues will proceed in a fair and disinterested way. Justice will eventually win, especially if the upright major Judgment also appears in the spreading. Equitable results can be obtained through the support of an impartial third party. If someone has done something wrong with you, you will soon be able to get an apology. If you have acted unfairly, you will face the consequences. Human Again, the topic throughout is “letting go”. For example, letting go of someone whom you can not reach out for can create opportunities for the right person to step into your life. In addition, you may need to let go of a relationship in which you think that you cannot live without your partner. If you are having a long term relationship, maybe both of you are at sitting on a fence. If you feel that everything is perfect, find out whether your partner feels the same way. FinanceStephanie is also the author and illustrator of “Dreamscapes: Creating Magical Angel, Faery & Mermaid Worlds with Watercolor” and “Dreamscapes: Myth & Magic”. The possibility is that it is time to let go of the view, situation or relationship that is no longer necessary. Of course, you should think about it first, and understand that sacrificing useless things at the moment is likely to bring better things. The Hanged Man, in particular, encourages you not to fight the change. Work You should look for at least one mentor or the mentor for spiritual/mental issues and ask those who are experienced in the spiritual or religious community if you practice any religions, or else consult the “spiritual communities” in any ways that make you feel okay. And all of this wisdom is really worth something in the unique way you, a new person forging a new path, will translate and communicate it. This card can therefore be encouraging you to teach, or facilitate, or write, or blog. To not only learn, but to understand how these teachings and lessons play out in your own life now, and in those of others who share your heritage.

The Sun reversed shows that if you are looking for a new job, it will be a good sign. You need to focus on what you have to negotiate and your skills, as well as your talents, can bring benefits to the employer, so do not focus on what they can do for you. It also shows that you need to share the results of work with your partners whether you have done all or most of it. In short, your work is very stable and is geared toward new opportunities and advances. Just remember not to think that the job will always be good for you when this card appears. LoveA promising business may be impossible and a project that starts with enthusiasm may not have enough energy to sustain.. Those promises in which you trust may be the same as well. You may feel disillusioned, helpless and unable to reach the goal. Your persistence or selfish attitude can be the cause of your troubles.

When the Seven of Wands appears in the question about finance, you can expect a growth. For example, you get a bonus which you do not expect or discover that something you own is worth more than what you think. In short, your financial situation will have an increase. Consider how you use and invest this amount. Think about the long term. Health This card also requires you to rotate your world and look at your situation in a different way. When you do that, you will find something new that is proven to be more valuable to you at a deeper level. You may have to abandon your beliefs or even your previous way of life. T his is a time of renewal, so your life will be able to move forward. This inverted Ace card can show that you are too tired of everything you do in your daily life that you can not focus on your own mental problems. You should take a moment for yourself and a few minutes to allow your spirit to recharge the energy from the universe. This will help maintain a positive spirit and will bring you more benefits than you can imagine. Situation and advice

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In contrast, in a negative scheme, it shows the damage and the involvement of a losing battle. You can do your best to reduce damage and exit the battle. Her artwork is inspired by mythology, legend and folklore. Influenced by the art of the Impressionists, Pre-Raphaelites, Surrealists and Mother Nature herself. Through her artwork, Law takes us into the world of fantasy, where we can allow ourselves to access that sense of wonder that opens us up to the sacred in life. Perhaps you will realize what you think is not good for yourself, turns out to be not. Just like the upright card, if you are feeling bad, think more carefully. There may be things that you think you know but the truth turns out to be not, so do the other way. You should listen to your body and consider the relationship between mental and physical symptoms. Mentality The middle of the book, which is the lion's share of it, is written by the artist and covers the individual cards. Law's lyrical explorations of the cards suggest meanings and interpretations, but they often avoid explicit explanations of many of the details in her images. With many of the details left unexplained, those who like to have things spelled out explicitly may be disappointed at times by the book. But if you prefer to explore things on your own, helped perhaps by hints and suggestive stories, then the book will serve you well. And of course if you're an experienced Tarot reader, you may just ignore the book all together.

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