Motul MTL101667 847205 RBF 660 RACING BRAKE FLUID 0.5L

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Motul MTL101667 847205 RBF 660 RACING BRAKE FLUID 0.5L

Motul MTL101667 847205 RBF 660 RACING BRAKE FLUID 0.5L

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When heated to 270 degrees Celsius (518 degrees Fahrenheit), Castrol SRF is at a higher temperature than Motul 660, which is set at 204 degrees Celsius (399 degrees Fahrenheit). However, if the brake is flushed regularly, this wet boiling point is a moot matter. Once this brake fluid is used, the brake pedal will feel “firm.” This outstanding Castrol product is patented in several countries for its superiority. They are particularly notable for exceeding JIS K2233, FMVSS 116 Dot 4 and Dot 3 criteria, and other US Federal laws.

Motul 600 has higher viscosity comparatively at -40 o C which makes it cut above its peer. Therefore, it will perform more dominantly during such conditions. Motul 660, which has lower viscosity in frosty conditions, will perform superiorly because of its greater viscosity at elevated temperatures that is at 100 o C. Hence, Motul 600 will enable you to enjoy extraordinary performance whether you own a racing motorcycle or car. Viscosity For racers, having a waterless boiling point is an essential feature. This is the temperature of the braking fluid when it is uncontaminated and uncovered. MOTUL RBF 660 Factory Line DOT 4 100% synthetic brake and clutch fluid (500ml) is specially formulated for intensive use, particularly in circuit racing. perfect for all hydraulic brake and clutch control systems in high-performance racing cars and motorcycles, where a silicone-free synthetic fluid is recommended. So if you have a racing bike or car and want to enjoy extreme performance, Motul 600 brake fluids will allow you to do so. Rating Motul 600, on the other hand, is a fully synthetic-based high-quality brake fluid. In particular, this is the best budget-friendly brake fluid you will find on the market. It can also be used for racing cars and various hydraulic systems. But the performance or some other qualities are less than Castrol SRF as Motul 600 is known for its budget-friendly reputation. You will be happy using this Motul 600 brake fluid for a regular vehicle.

Castrol SRF temperature is at 270°C or 518°F and Motul 660 temperature is at 204°C or 399°F. However, this wet boiling point is discursive if you frequently flush the brake. Generally, if you want to use brake fluid for everyday driving, you can use Castrol SRF. But the demanding driver can use both of this oil easily. However, price is not the only factor to judge the quality it will help you make a decision based on your budget. Final Words On the other side, the Motul RBF 660 just like its peer, is also a DOT 4 brake fluid. These fluids are designed to counter extreme high-temperature conditions as they possess very high boiling points. This fluid can also be utilized for traditional steel disc brakes along with hydraulic clutch actuators. Motul 660 brake fluid provides excellent performance in racing scenarios. It works as intended in braking systems even when subjected to extreme heat. As a result of its high resistance to heat and high durability, it helps boost overall performance. Furthermore, it can help make a solid brake even in the worst conditions.

In contrast, you should replace your Motul RBF 660 fluid every 12 months or 10,000 km. In short, based on the use and location of your vehicle, you must decide which is perfect for your brakes. Viscosity However, 600 leads the race with the slightest margin as it is designed in such a way that it exceeds the DOT 3 and DOT 5.1 standards without any mixing as compared to its counterpart. Fluid Replacement Interval

In addition to heat resistance, this brake liquid product provides excellent wear protection for critical engine components, such as the camshaft and piston rings. From our ATE brake fluid comparison, the choice between Motul 600 and 660 will depend on your specific needs and application. In this instance, 600 fluids will be sufficient to complete the task before the solution reaches boiling point at 312°C. Some fluids you can mix with others. Usually the boiling point will revert to the fluid with the worst characteristics. Sometimes fluid does not mix well with others and you should avoid mixing to prevent a failure. However, there are some key differences between the two that may make one more suitable for a specific application.

So, the performance of Motul 600 is better in colder conditions meanwhile Motul 660 will perform much better during higher temperatures. Contrasting brake fluids

When it comes to “performance” braking fluid, Castrol SRF is your best bet. The benefits of Castrol SRF are outlined below. When you have to choose between Motul RBF 600 vs. 660, deciding which option is best is challenging. Notably, though both fluids are best for high-performance cats, they have different vital properties. Under racing conditions, Motul 660 brake fluid gives high performance. In very high temperatures, it can fulfill the requirements of braking systems. Ergo, to generate the overall performance, it delivers outstanding thermal resistance and durability. In fact, it can help you make an effective brake in extreme conditions.Moreover, Motul dot-4 is a fully synthetic brake fluid designed for racing that offers superior heat resistance. Further, these fluids are compatible with standard clutch systems and steel rotors. Motul 660 Losses

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