NTI 2 In 1 Marksman Portable Gas Heater Camping Outdoor Butane Gas Patio Garden Diy 1.3Kw Heavy Duty Durable Hiking Travel Caravan Uk Free P&P

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NTI 2 In 1 Marksman Portable Gas Heater Camping Outdoor Butane Gas Patio Garden Diy 1.3Kw Heavy Duty Durable Hiking Travel Caravan Uk Free P&P

NTI 2 In 1 Marksman Portable Gas Heater Camping Outdoor Butane Gas Patio Garden Diy 1.3Kw Heavy Duty Durable Hiking Travel Caravan Uk Free P&P

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The answer to this question will depend greatly on the status of your warranty and whether the solutions above worked for you.

It is crucial that, as soon as you suspect this to be the source of the problem, you stop using it until you replace the suspicious cable. Solution: Provided that you have a spare cord for testing, go ahead and use it. This will save you both time and money, as well as provide you with an immediate answer. Make sure to unplug your space heater, and let it cool down for a couple of minutes before trying to do this, and then wash the filter under running water with a little dish soap. If you’re still under coverage and don’t mind waiting a couple of days or weeks for your manufacturer to send a technician to your home, by all means, go ahead and give them a call. They’re not easily damaged but are certainly not indestructible. In fact, apparently unimportant bad habits, such as storing your cable away improperly, keeping it tangled, or pressing against a wall at a sharp angle, are more than enough to do it in.If you’re unfamiliar with what this component does, let me briefly explain. Your heating element is what allows your appliance to transform the electricity drawn from your wall outlet, into heat. A heating element that produces no heat will likely show null readings on your meter. However, an overheating one might still show continuity, but that does not mean it’s not faulty. When it’s clean, it allows for the free flow of air and even the distribution of heat. However, as time passes, debris can collect in it and start making it hard for your appliance to dispose of heat as it should. Debris can develop in heater filters, making it difficult for your appliance to properly dispose of heat. #3 A Faulty Heating Element And while there are several countermeasures built into your appliance to prevent this from happening, it will sadly always be an unwanted possibility.

This component is your space heater’s heart and soul. It allows all other internal components to communicate and process your inputs. If your electric heater turns off after a few minutes, there is a very good chance that your air filter requires a long overdue cleaning session. Operating your space heater with an overheating heating element can have dire consequences, and permanently damage your machine. Please stop using it as soon as you suspect this to be your case. Solution: In most cases, removing your air filter for cleaning should not be too difficult. Usually, there’s a dedicated compartment for this component, which requires no tools to be opened. A bad heating element would not produce any heat. But, in some cases, things can go the other way. Sometimes, this part could get excessively hot, and cause the unit to overheat. This could explain why your space heater won’t stay on.


And while replacements, such as a new circuit board are not awfully expensive, the cost of labor to have them installed and configured, can be. As a general rule, paying for repairs that equal 50% or more of the price of a new model with similar features, is a bad investment. Conclusion Provided that your warranty has expired, you’ll have to weigh the cost of repairs vs the cost of buying a new unit. Just as I was saying in the previous point, sometimes, the only option is getting a new part. Depending on how badly it’s broken, it might not supply any electricity to your space heater, or it might be doing so intermittently. The latter condition is much more concerning than the former, as electricity bursts are known for causing short-circuiting.

To have your space heater keep shutting off can be… frustrating, to say the least, as it is vital to have a steady heat source during cold nights and humid seasons. Just as it happens with your power cord. If the damage is total, your unit won’t even turn on. But if it’s only partial, it would explain why your space heater keeps shutting off after some time. As you can imagine, it’s much better to have a component that does not heat, than to have one that could compete with the Sun. This might not sound like a big deal, but if left unattended for a long time, a dirty air filter could cause serious overheating.

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