Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach

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Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach

Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach

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According to the author, knowing these tenses first will allow you to have richer and more natural conversations. And if you think about it, it’s true: most of our conversations are directed to talk about the things you did or the things you want to do. All the exercises focused on your written, pronunciation and reading skills. Since there’s no listening exercises, you’ll need to train these skills with other resources. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning to speak Spanish. This would also be good to someone who has forgotten Spanish or, like me, took Spanish in high school many years previous. (Of course we also need some type of audio instruction -- but that is beyond the scope of this review.) I have not been very excited about a Spanish book for a long time. Perhaps not ever. I just have not been able to find what I have been looking for. A short-coming I noticed is that if one was learning Spanish afresh from this book, they would have little idea of how the words are pronounced as they read through. There is a pronunciation key at the beginning, but that can only help so much, and the “NOSE” rule, explaining which syllable to emphasise, isn’t explained until the last chapter. I guess this is generally a problem with text books, so I recommend listening to audio courses like Michel Thomas and Pimsleur concurrently, as well as DuoLingo and Memrise, from which you can hear the correct Spanish pronunciations and practice them yourself.

Learn the basics of the Spanish language with this easy-to-use guide featuring original illustrations by Andy Warhol—from one of America’s most prominent language teachers. The book did a great job in explaining what I was mostly having to intuit and memorise from DuoLingo and Memrise. It seemed to have some cross-over with the Michel Thomas course in it’s approach, guiding the reader on how to form Spanish words from English words, and generally trying to simplify things to make it as easy to understand and remember as could be done. The reason why Chapters 41 and 42 are my favorite chapters is because these are the chapters that teach the Spanish subjunctive. I, like many native English speakers, find that the Spanish subjunctive is one of the most difficult areas of Spanish. In Chapters 41 and 42, Madrigal does a fantastic job breaking-down the complex topic of the Spanish subjunctive.Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses This is another resource that you truly need if you are serious about mastering conjugating Spanish verbs. Conjugating Spanish verbs is by far the most challenging area of learning-Spanish for native English speakers. After studying with "Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses" you will find that you can confidently conjugate Spanish verbs in any verb tense, from easier tenses such as the present tense ("I run") and the preterit ("I ran) all the way to the most challenging Spanish tenses, such as the pluperfect subjunctive - which is known in Spanish as "pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo" (I would have run). This is a book I will probably reference frequently. It took me forever to read it because there was much to study and absorb -- but it is worth the effort. I'm looking forward to purchasing an e-book when my tablet arrives. This one is a huge collection of Spanish vocabulary with over 13,000 entries and around 10 hours of audio. If you’re just starting your Spanish learning journey, Mastering Spanish Vocabulary is a useful tool.

If you really want to learn Spanish on your own, there are many ways to do it. Reading free online Spanish books is one way, learning grammar at home is another way, and getting one of the best books to learn Spanish from this list is one more way to do it.

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It is encouraging to know that you can identify thousands upon thousands of Spanish words at sight. But it is really exciting to discover that with a few hints you yourself can form these words and that you can start out on your venture of learning Spanish with a large, ready-made vocabulary. When you study this method you will find that you will not only have the ability to recognize words, but that it will actually be within your power to convert English words into Spanish words.

Have you thought that learning a new language involved so much work that it couldn't fit into your schedule? Margarita also provides the words you’ll need to form sentences, and she makes you practice them by writing them down. Unlike other textbooks, Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish doesn’t jump into teaching right away greetings and simple expressions to introduce yourself. Instead, she starts by showing you some identical Spanish and English words. The purpose of this is to prove to you that you already know some Spanish. Read, write, and speak Spanish in only a few short weeks! Even the most reluctant learner will be astonished at the ease and effeciveness of Margarita Madrigal’s unique method of teaching a foreign language. Completely eliminating rote memorization and painfully boring drills, Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish is guaranteed to help you: Or maybe you don’t even know if you can teach yourself Spanish and that’s the reason you keep postponing your goal of learning a second language.Spanish is a phonetic language, so once you understand how the different letters are pronounced, it’s effortless to read a word the correct way. Now, it might seem a little ambitious to believe that you can learn proper pronunciation from a book but the author does a great job of laying out how to pronounce the language. Once you understand how to pronounce the letters in the alphabet, you’ll know how to say the words that you’re reading in Spanish. A Great Tool for Your Spanish Journey Usually, words that end in -tion in English end in -ción in Spanish. For example, Action/Acción, Temptation/Tentación. It is easy. Something kind of funny is that we refer to this book as the “Madrigal’s Miracles” book. Not sure how Madrigal’s Magic Key turned into that, but it did :).

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