Lube Shooter - Anal Lube Injector - Personal Lubricant Applicator

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Lube Shooter - Anal Lube Injector - Personal Lubricant Applicator

Lube Shooter - Anal Lube Injector - Personal Lubricant Applicator

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Before we get into all that, just know this: There’s really no wrong way to use lube. “Like all things sexual, use lube in whatever way feels good for you,” says sexologist Jess O’Reilly Ph.D., host of the Mind Blowing Oral video courses. If you focus on your own pleasure, using lube can become second nature, she says. O’Reilly recommends adding a few drops of lube to the base of your vagina or your toys before hitting the shower. Why? Water is notorious for washing away your own natural juices, and that can lead to some not-so-comfortable friction. Make anal play seamless. Lubrication on an O-ring may also create gaps between two surfaces, leading to uneven pressure distribution across the component. This can result in increased wear and tear over time due to increased friction and decreased seal integrity. 5. Possible Corrosion or Damage Lube is everything when it comes to hand jobs,” O’Reilly says. Try smearing a few drops on your hands or putting some on your partner’s penis before you dive in. “Anything you can do with your mouth, you can do with your hands as long as you use lube—and your hands are more flexible and dexterous,” O’Reilly says. She recommends interlacing your lubed-up fingers and going for it. Take fingering your partner up a notch.

Obviously, all these conditions definitely make the application of lube a bad idea in more ways than one. Therefore, should your injector's O-ring start exhibiting signs of these, have it replaced as soon as possible. In some instances, it may be necessary to replace the injector as well. Conclusion Not all lubes are created equal, and the right one for you depends a lot on your personal preferences and needs. Here’s a breakdown of your options: Requires disconnecting lube lines, multiple tools and oftentimes removal of adjacent injector lube lines to replace inside injectors on a manifold. One of the most obvious symptoms that may suggest a problem with your O-ring is leaking from the fuel line. If you find fuel leaks around where the injector attaches to its respective port on the engine, then chances are there's an issue with your O-ring. 2. Poor Engine PerformanceLastly, depending on the type of lubricant used, certain chemicals may interact with other components in the fuel injection system resulting in corrosion or further damage to the parts. Therefore, it is important to use only compatible lubricants that have been tested for compatibility with all applicable components when applying lubrication on O-rings. Key Symptoms of Worn or Damaged Fuel Injector O-Ring But then again, only apply lubricant if the parts manufacturer or your vehicle manufacturer advises you to, and only use the one they have specified for this purpose. 5. Wear and Tear Due to Age Throw on your bathing suits, folks, because we're going down the slip-n-slide to find the best anal lube for you. Going into anal sex without a lubricant is like going through your day without coffee: painful and almost always unsuccessful. On a more serious note, “using lube for anal play is crucial,” Jenn Mason, founder and owner of WinkWink, a Washington-based, women-owned sex shop, tells SELF. We spoke with experts to understand what to look for when shopping for anal lubes and why it’s beneficial for anal sex. Why should you use anal lube? The line (pipe) entering from the top left is the feed from the pump. The line passes from manifold to manifold. The injectors are attached to the manifolds and are supplied with lubricant from below. The first manifold in this system has eight injectors. Each injector's output is routed to a lubrication point and each injector can be adjusted so that each lubrication point receives exactly the right amount of lubricant.

Oil-based lube: Oil-based lubes are known for their staying power. But heads up that the oil may leave a coating on the rectum or vagina that can increase the risk of urinary or vaginal infections, Dr. Shepherd says. Not everyone has this issue, though, and if you're able to use oil-based lube just fine, feel free to keep at it. Just remember that oil-based lubes should never be used with latex condoms. “If you're using any type of latex product, you can't use an oil-based lubricant because that will disintegrate the latex,” Dr. Shepherd says. We have encountered a lot of people who strongly recommend lubricating the injector O-rings with soap, Vaseline, or other petroleum-based products upon installation or if they are having issues with their fittings. For us, doing any of these is bad news waiting to happen because of several reasons.

What you should avoid in an anal lube

There are a lot more options out there besides just smearing some on and calling it a day. Try these options to max out your lube experience. Use it for an epic hand job.

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