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Chart of Duyfken's voyage". State Library of New South Wales. 7 December 2007 . Retrieved 8 April 2020. Now let's talk about Maximo. The way he was obsessed with Juliet had me from the start. I love when a man is obsessed, possessive and most importantly, has a need to take extremely good care of his woman. That is Maximo in a nut shell. Yes he was strict as part of the Daddy lifestyle, but not once did I ever felt any of his rules were just a control thing. He genuinely wanted what was best for Juliet and there were reasons behind any rule he established. Why no 5 star? To me I wish he had other punishments besides a spanking.. there was alot of Spankings.. few parts did drag on but it wasn't to bad. Ok maybe 2 things, I think the title may mess with this books potential sales-I get it, I do-but this book was about so much more that I don't feel it conveyed with the title-my 2 cents for what it's worth.

Duyfken—Little Dove—was an actual VOC ship, 80 feet long, shoal draft and carvel planked. She had three masts and a total of six working sails, lateen mizzen, square sails on fore and main masts and what was known as a sprit sail flown under the bow sprit.She was fast, sturdy and had a relatively small crew of 20. Etta's character is a complex one. Her perception of the world is a bit disorientated, especially her perception of sexuality mostly her sexuality. She had a confidence that was hard to obtain in her condition and she is aware of her own sexual power. Her little manipulation games while using her body made her so much more interesting to me. The contrast between her strong confident moment and her break-downs made me attached myself to the character and you rotted for her at every minute. Dias had under his command two caravels and a small store ship. Upon reaching Walvis Bay in what is now Namibia, Dias left the store ship and continued sailing South with the two caravels for 13 days.

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Juliet is now a prisoner in a gilded cage. There's no reasoning as to why she's still alive and being treated so well. Yet it's more than she's ever had. And as the months progress, she flourishes in this new environment even if she is weary of Maximo. Look at you…” Harry murmured, voice sounding like sin, and he could feel his exhale on his burning cheek as he said, “already begging, pleading with me. Desperation is a good look for you, little dove.” Captain Cook’s famous ship, Endeavor, started her life in England hauling coal from Northumbria to London. She was commissioned into the Royal Navy and used by Cook for his several long voyages of discovery across the Pacific Ocean. A replica of Endeavor was built in Australia over several years, ending with her launching in 1993.

Lips brushed against his foreheads and he had the strangest sensation that he was floating or moving, and he whined in displeasure, eyebrows scrunched together as something warm ran down his arse cheeks and dripped. It was cold. The heroine was brutally raped and sadomized (anal rape), and only after max 2 weeks she had sex with the male protagonist... Only 2 weeks??? I don’t speak about her mental health, I know after all she suffered, she did need it; but physically it’s not possible to be able to have sexual intercourse only 2 weeks after being brutally raped!Not the best, but also not bad. It was a bit boring too, although that can maybe be blamed on me being in a book slump again😅. The name Colean is of Irish origin and means "Young child. Peaceful dove; From the coal pool. The feminine form of Colin". i personally loved the development we get to see in Juliet during the months before she turns eighteen. the way she handles herself, not being a doormat but not being tstl either. her trying to run away, before settling into her new life— her developments were all wonderful and i loved it. Illustration #1 above shows two caravels—the two smaller ships and a Nao—the larger ship. Nao comes from the Latin “naves," meaning “ship." These three ships shown above are, in fact, the ships that Columbus had on his first voyage. Okay, so maybe we weren't a traditional fairy tale. After all, Maximo was more villain than prince. He was scarily sexy. Devilishly charming. Controlling, possessive, and dangerous.

The fleet received a warm welcome in Bantam, repairs were carried out to damage caused in the battle, and a survey of Jakarta Bay was undertaken, where the Dutch would later build Batavia, their capital in the Indies. Then, sailing by way of Tuban, East Java to the Spice Island of Ternate, cloves were loaded on board and the ship returned to Banda for a cargo of nutmeg. He could faintly hear himself whining now and there was...there was something about having something so obstructively, so impossibly big inside of him, taking ownership of his own mouth and leaving no argument, leaving him so powerless that pure, consuming lust began to well up inside of him, tears springing to his eyes as he let out a strangled little moan. The two caravels made landfall in what today is known as Mossel Bay, East of Cape Alguhas, which is itself East of the Cape of Good Hope, and clearly located in the Indian Ocean. Bartolomeo Dias, Portuguese mariner, ship captain and explorer had turned the flank of Islam. The name Fakhitah is of Urdu origin and means "A dove, a ringed turtledove, the name of a Sahabiyyah". Hands down i really love this book!! It was so close to a 5 star read!! Its a slowish burn with steamy moments.I was not expecting to enjoy this as much as I did. I’ve been holding off because I’ve read so much Daddy kink that I feel they blend together or they say Daddy kink but they really mean Dom/sub dynamic. This was kinda perfect because it fully embraced taking care of their partner while not being creepy. (We got an MMC who respects the FMC and actually tells her things 😧)

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