Hajj & Umrah: Journey of Life Time - A Complete Guide for Hajj & Umrah

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Hajj & Umrah: Journey of Life Time - A Complete Guide for Hajj & Umrah

Hajj & Umrah: Journey of Life Time - A Complete Guide for Hajj & Umrah

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After sunrise in Mina, you’ll then head to the plains of ‘Arafah, reciting Istaghfar (asking for forgiveness) and making supplications – marking the Day of ‘Arafah when we ask Allah (SWT) for forgiveness for our sins.

Zaynah, Maryam and Ali were three young explorers. Together with their guide, uncle Hamza, they explore Makkah, Islam’s holiest city. They take young readers on an exciting journey, revealing lands and places that were an essential part of the development and history of Islam. We also take care of Haji's group and give them all with the facilities up to their complete satisfaction. We try our level best to make their spiritual journey as one of the best events in life when performing Hajj and Umrah including lodging and boarding with appropriate guidance at every step. This is an important ritual in memory of Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) wife Hajar, and her struggle in the desert in search of water for her son Prophet Isma’il (AS). Sa’i symbolises the ongoing struggle that we encounter throughout our lives, as Hajar experienced herself.

The size of the pebbles should be similar to the size of date stones/seeds. You will need a total of 49 pebbles. Saudi Tourism Industry & Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Introduces Two Types of Visa Processing in 2023 year i.e. 1443/44 Hijri Year for the performance of the umrah for pilgrimage. You’ll spend the night and pray to Allah (SWT), reading the Qur’an and preparing for day two. It’s an important time for spiritual reflection and devotion, so try and make the most of this special night.

Next, you’ll enter into the state of Ihram (ritual purity). For men, this means wearing the designated white cloth with one piece wrapped around your shoulder and one around your waist. Ladies may wear any clothing of their choice but should ensure they observe the rules of Hijab. Face coverings, however, are not permitted. Fully-covering shoes are also not permitted. Footwear must be in the form of sandals for both women and men. When you proceed to the phases of throwing the pebbles at the Jamarat (the stone pillars), you may miss the target, or some pebbles may fall from your hand. Therefore, it’s better to have more than to be short. Pebbles can also be collected from anywhere in Mina. I have written in detail about Hajj activities for Kids herebut to give you a little introduction, Hajj is the fifth Pillar of Islam. Scrimgeour, Euan M. (2003). "Epidemic infections and their relevance to the Gulf and other Arabian Peninsula countries". Journal for Scientific Research. Medical Sciences / Sultan Qaboos University. 5 (1–2): 1–4. PMC 3174724. PMID 24019727.Avail Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity of performing Hajj Obligation by Planning your Hajj Obligation journey with AlHaram Travel

In addition to your Tawaf, you can also offer voluntary prayers to thank Allah (SWT) for arriving safely and to mark the start of this incredibly special spiritual journey. Safa and MarwaHere I am, O Allah, here I am, here I am. You have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise and blessings are Yours, and all sovereignty. You have no partner.” Requirements are to be a Muslim be of sound mind be an adult or be mature enough to be free and to have the ability to afford the journey. One should know how to perform Hajj In this post, I have curated a collection of the best books about Hajj – stories, Hajj activity books and some resources that can help you teach your child about this last Pillar of Islam I hope you find them useful.

After sunset, you’ll depart ‘Arafah and head to Muzdalifah – an open plain between Mina and ‘Arafah. Once you reach Muzdalifah you’ll perform your Maghrib and ‘Isha Salah, one after the other, shortening the ‘Isha Salah to two Rakat. Maury, Charlotte (2013). "Depictions of the Haramayn on Ottoman Tiles: Content and Context". In Porter, Venetia; Saif, Liana (eds.). The Hajj: collected essays. London. p.150. ISBN 978-0-86159-193-0. OCLC 857109543. {{ cite book}}: CS1 maint: location missing publisher ( link) Fulfilling your sacred obligation of Hajj will be the most spiritual period of your life Insha’Allah (God willing), filled with blessings and forgiveness from Allah (SWT)! The 8 th day of Dhul Hijjah marks the beginning of the days of Hajj and the next stage of your spiritual journey. You’ll purify yourself and enter the state of Ihram once again. Rules of Ihram Visa is NOT guaranteed under any circumstances. In case of delay or rejection in obtaining any type of Visa from the embassy, the company shall NOT be held responsible for the related costs (including changes in flights, hotel and transport).


Don’t book without researching the booking process – if the offer seems too good to be true, it usually is. A recommendation from a friend or family member does not guarantee the authenticity of the outfit – a fraud may be ongoing for a while before the fraudsters take the money and disappear. Women under 45 years and children under 17 years should be accompanied by husband/father or a male relative (Mahram). Proof of relationship is required (a marriage certificate for a wife, a birth certificate for a child indicating the names of both parents). The Mahram must travel into and out of Saudi Arabia on the same flight as his wife and children. in the case of other relative traveling with Mahram, please ask your travel agent for further details. This is the story of two pigeons, as they witness the rites of Hajj! Illustrated by a very talented 12 year-old girl, this rhyming story even includes some fun matching games. The book begins in 1922. The title character is Ibrahim, who becomes the chieftain of a fictitious Palestinian village in that year. He is friendly with Gideon Asch, the Haganah leader who watches over the nearby kibbutz. ("He respected a fairness in Gideon that he was not able to practice himself.") But Ibrahim rejects "Gideon's offers of aid and friendship." [3]

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