Finish What You Start: The Art of Following Through, Taking Action, Executing, & Self-Discipline (Live a Disciplined Life Book 2)

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Finish What You Start: The Art of Following Through, Taking Action, Executing, & Self-Discipline (Live a Disciplined Life Book 2)

Finish What You Start: The Art of Following Through, Taking Action, Executing, & Self-Discipline (Live a Disciplined Life Book 2)

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Worrying is when you fixate on something and inevitably start drawing out the negative scenarios and pitfalls. However, worrying is also when you fixate on things you can’t control while ignoring what you can control — the present. The solution is to focus on what you can do right now and only right now. This book thought me that I should always execute and not think. However, there are times where we just can’t help it. We think, that makes us human. Is there a solution to this? Gladly, this book has. Above all else, this is a guide to understanding your brain and instincts better for optimal results. If the opportunity cost is too expensive for you to want to pay it, then you will not follow through. Therefore, you must find a motivator that drives you to accept the opportunity cost. If you don’t feel motivated enough to pay that cost, then you are guaranteed to lose steam and give up. Create default actions wherever possible. This is where the easiest and lowest resistance past for you is the path you want the most. This is also done through curating and designing your environment for productivity.

An accountability group can be more effective than a single partner. By having multiple people holding you accountable, you face the possibility of exponential shame—the shame and disappointment of multiple people building on top of each other is a horrible feeling that you will want to avoid. Plus, you will still have people to hold you accountable should one person drop out of the race.Mindset is a way to visualize and approach situations and problems Mindset rules Mindset 1: It's Worthwhile Rule #5: The next time you feel that you’re about Good time management involves the ability to schedule tasks and the ability to recognize which tasks are best done when.

FINiSH what you state & following through is breaking through that common loop & taking hold of your life. Rule 6. Just 10 minutes. Whenever you feel the urge to do something you should not, wait for 10 minutes to pass. After this period, you will likely lose your craving and continue moving toward your goal. False hope syndrome occurs when you think that you can do everything on your to-do list and reach your dreams in a short amount of time. You promise yourself, or a client, the moon. Then you are sorely disappointed when you cannot deliver, and those big expectations have actually caused a negative effect on your working spirit.Action, the hands and feet of following through, means prioritizing execution and simple motion. This is what makes following through more than just having focus and self-discipline. Following through is an intention that’s been translated into action. It is action that will move things in the real world and take you from Point A to Point B—that is, from where you are now to where the fulfillment of your goals lies. It is the visible aspect of following through, the one that’s actually observed, measured, and evaluated against your goals. Always believe that a journey to success is not a comfortable zone and in that case be comfortable with discomfort.

Rule 5: Try to look into the future, 10 minutes, hours, and days at a time. Do you like what you see when you consider not following through? Is it worth the benefit to the current self at the expense of the future self? Probably not. Leisure is important part of life , but if it's excessive & takes the place of reasonable productivity, then it becomes a vice.

Who wrote the book?

More often than not, we misuse our time and effort by procrastinating. In fact, we are so prone to putting off our tasks until we absolutely need to do them. Paradoxically, we would rather keep ourselves busy by doing something completely unrelated to our goal—such as cleaning an apartment, reorganizing a desk—instead of doing what we should do, study for an exam, for instance. Sound familiar? Rule 2: Three Task Minimum -> Consider the difference between essential and urgent tasks. Put important tasks on the top three list, rather than urgent, because urgent tasks are rarely significant. Rule #6: If you want something negative, harmful, or detrimental to your follow through, wait at least 10 minutes before getting it. Temptation bundling is a powerful tool for overcoming procrastination. It entails pairing your unpleasant chores with something enjoyable. This works primarily because you're dealing with time inconsistencies and giving both selves what they want at the same time. Start small and easy.

Failure is useful only when we’re aware of the cause. When we see the cause, we can see how to fix it and how to avoid repeated failure in the future. Do you know yourself? Well, what about in terms of productivity and how you work and produce the best? You can consider time of day, environment, setting, and so on. But you should consider that knowing yourself is also the ability to look at yourself and understand why you may have failed or come up short. It is the ability to self-diagnose and be self-aware. How do we stay hungry and motivated? By delving deep and really asking what internal and external motivators you have at your disposal — a task that is rarely performed. Reduce transaction costs by making undesired actions inconvenient and difficult to manage while making desirable behaviors straightforward.We can deal with this mental obstacle by playing with the cost-benefit ratio so the cost is minimized or the benefit is maximized. Motivation has been shown to work best when we are reminded of it — otherwise, out of sight, out of mind. Dr. Dispenza has gone to considerable lengths to impart teachings that are vital to today’s living, circumstances, and overall awareness. Whether positive or negative, this applies to all. This means If we decided to exercise each morning, we are sacrificing our comfortable time in bed. If we are reading books at night, we are sacrificing our time to watch TV on our couch. This could also be reverse. You can be sacrificing your health by eating junk foods instead of healthy ones. Or you can be sacrificing your own life by just browsing social media feeds instead of reading learning from a course or reading books. Big Idea: The Amazing Power of Three Here are several rules that will push and guide you into making the proper decision whenever you come across a fork in the road. Finish What You Start is a book written to explain why we don't finish many of the things we start. We are the obstacles we face, and the majority of them can be avoided by knowing how we work and what inspires us to act.

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