Felt Support Tray Eaves Protector 1.5m Lengths - Packs of 10 - Free Next Day UK Delivery - Same Day Despatch - Large Multi-Pack Discounts

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Felt Support Tray Eaves Protector 1.5m Lengths - Packs of 10 - Free Next Day UK Delivery - Same Day Despatch - Large Multi-Pack Discounts

Felt Support Tray Eaves Protector 1.5m Lengths - Packs of 10 - Free Next Day UK Delivery - Same Day Despatch - Large Multi-Pack Discounts

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Soffits – As described above, the soffit runs horizontally under the eaves. Soffits are often made from timber or PVC. NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank to close at least 172 branches in 2023/24 – here's the full list, plus alternatives The eaves protector or felt support tray is a low cost solution to dripping felt or for felt that as rotted in time, and can eliminate problems in later years. We recommend that when ever replacing fascia boards that the eaves protection system is put in place. Keeping animals out of the roof – The eaves should be designed to keep birds, cats, squirrels, bats, insects and other animals or pests out of the roof space. This way, the body will support the felt. Meanwhile, the flap will shield the underside of the fascia from damage.

Barge board – Similar to fascia, barge boards are used on the gable end, running diagonally along the side of the building. Guttering – Gutting collects rainwater from the roof and carries it away efficiently, preventing water from collecting on the roof or running down the sides of the building. It is usually fixed to the fascia. Martin Lewis: What the Autumn Statement means for you – including wages, benefits, pensions, ISAs, housing, national insurance and moreI've declined the job, I'm hoping the Summer will be dry to give me time to find out/make my mind up. What I can tell you, is the bottom edge of ribbed tile extends 1/3 over the gutter, and is standing on a flat tile the same length. The eaves of a roof comprise several elements, which all work together to give the finished eaves a professional and attractive appearance whilst protecting the roof and walls from weather and damp. The elements that make up a roof eave are: Bay window, wavy concrete tile roof. Felt inside (with a few holes that show the tiles from inside the loft, but never any water in the loft)

Older felt is not UV stable so will rot where the felt is exposed to the sun and break down its structure allowing water to penetrate behind the fascia boards and possibly causing damage to the rafters and any timber fascias. The tray has three sections – a 170mm body, a 30mm join, and a 40mm flap. The body should be laid so that it is under the felt underlay with no gap between them, but over the over fascia vent. The small flap at the bottom should be pointing down, dipping into the gutter. When planning a roof structure, there are four main types of eaves to consider. The right choice will depend on aesthetic preferences as well as the rest of the roof structure. The four main types are: Supporting the guttering – Gutters run along the bottom of the eaves, gathering rainwater or melted snow, and guiding it away from the structure.Eaves system trays replace the roof underlay felt edge that protrudes out of the roof and into the guttering Protecting the timber eaves from water penetration behind the fascia board. This can be done as a DIY project as there are no special tools required and the work is not overly technical. however, there are always risks when working at height, so do not attempt to do this job unless you are comfortable with heights and have the necessary scaffold in place. All felt should dress down into the gutter, so any rain that gets past the tiles runs down the top of the felt and drains into the gutter. Keeping rainwater away from the walls – Because the eaves extend beyond the external wall, they guide rainwater away so it can fall to the ground or be collected in the gutter. This helps ensure that precipitation does not pool near the top of the wall or get into the wall cavity. Autumn Statement: State pension confirmed to rise by 8.5% from April 2024 – while some benefits will go up by 6.7%

Our roof ventilation range is entirely British manufactured, as are the majority of our products; proudly supporting British manufacturing and minimising risk in the supply chain and in your project schedules. Roof and eaves ventilation – complete solutions It is my understanding that 2 rows of tiles come off, then the eaves protector pushes under the felt. then a couple of nails through the felt into the rafters hold it in place before the weight of the tiles goes on top. I would agree that if you have insulation down behind the fascias and sitting on the soffits you probably now have inadequate ventilation. But on a 50s roof design then removing that insulation away from the eaves should reinstate the designed ventilation for the roof without any need for additional venting arrangements. Soffited eaves – The soffit is a panel that runs horizontally under the eaves, creating a ceiling-like structure from the bottom edge of the eaves to the external wall of the building.Roof ventilation has always been critical in letting a house or building ’breathe’ and ensure that roof spaces don’t gather moisture and condensation with unpleasant and possibly costly consequences. However, in modern houses with more efficient central heating systems and highly effective insulation methods, temperature differences created between living and roof spaces can present significant roof and eaves ventilation challenges. Drawn to colder roof spaces by convection, condensed water vapour can lead to rotting timbers, rusted metal fixtures and felt damage from mould growth. Spool on more to date and permeable felts were introduced (less susceptible to uv degradation) and eaves protectors (IMHO these are better). Box ends – This is located on the corner of the eaves, connecting the fascia and soffits to the barge board. We’re proud to offer a selection of eaves vents from a number of high quality and trusted brands, including Gildevale, KLOBER and Timloc. Our products span over-fascia ventilators, eaves comb fillers, fascia vent strips and felt underlay support trays. You’ll find a variety of sizes available too, so you can select the best fit for your project. All felt should dress down into the guttering, so any rain that gets past the tiles runs down the top of the felt and drains into the guttering away from the building.

After determining how many you need, shorten the final tray so that it fits using a utility knife if necessary. Supporting the roof membrane – To avoid a sagging roof membrane, special clips or trays can be installed at the eaves. Replacing the eaves felt is not normally a job done on its own, usually you would only notice the eaves felt when carrying out other jobs such as replacing fascia boards or roof tiles. The loft was insulated 20+ years ago with that vacuum cleaner fluff stuff, piped in from the ground. There is a board floor in there now as I use it for storage and The Train Set (every man has to have a railway layout), compacting the fluff. Now I think about it, it might be a good idea to vacuum any fluff out of the soffits in case water gets into them to give them a chance to dry out (Also, if it comes out damp, I will know there is a problem)


Exposed eaves – With exposed eaves, the rafters and underside of the roofing are visible from underneath. These exposed elements must be finished to protect them from weather and wear and tear. NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Ulster Bank, which are all part of the NatWest Group, will now shut at least 172 of their bank branches in 2023 and 2024.

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