Banpresto - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba - vol.8 Daki Statue

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Banpresto - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba - vol.8 Daki Statue

Banpresto - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba - vol.8 Daki Statue

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Muzan Kibutsuji · Nezuko Kamado · Tamayo · Yushiro · Chachamaru · Susamaru · Yahaba · Temple Demon · Hand Demon · Tongue Demon · Horned Demon · Swamp Demon · Serpent Demon · Spider Demon (Father) · Spider Demon (Mother) · Spider Demon (Son) · Spider Demon (Daughter)

Giyu Tomioka · Mitsuri Kanroji · Obanai Iguro · Sanemi Shinazugawa · Gyomei Himejima · Kyojuro Rengoku · Tengen Uzui · Muichiro Tokito · Shinobu Kocho · Kanae Kocho · Sakonji Urokodaki · Jigoro Kuwajima · Shinjuro Rengoku To Omitsu) " They say the secret to living a long life... is to keep silent when you see horrible things. That's how everyone around me managed to survive." [62] Cell Merging: Daki can merge her body with her older brother Gyutaro, which in turn enhanced her own abilities. Obi Assault ( 連 ( つら ) ね 帶 ( おび ) , Tsurane Obi ?) [59] - Daki unleashes three layers of sashes, each comprising two, towards her opponent from bottom to top. While the size and price may be modest, the quality and care incorporated into making these figures are anything but! “Just the right size” on the palm of your hand, these figures were created with the same level of attention to detail as a scale figure.


To Tanjiro Kamado) " You humans are so miserable. No matter how hard you try, this is all you got. How unfortunate." [64] The alias "Daki" contains the Go-on'yomi reading of the kanji for both "degenerate, descent, lapse into" ( 堕 ( だ ) , da ?) and "princess" ( 姫 ( き ) , ki ?). Kokushibo · Doma · Akaza · Nakime · Hantengu · Gyokko · Gyutaro · Daki · Kaigaku · Enmu · Rokuro · Wakuraba · Mukago · Rui · Kamanue · Kyogai Immense Strength: As an Upper Rank demon who harbored an extremely high concentration of Muzan Kibutsuji's blood, Daki possessed incredible physical strength. This was shown when she punched Zenitsu through two rooms effortlessly, [35] made a hole in a roof by hitting it with her bare hands [36] and nearly tore off a young girl's ear by barely pulling it. [37] Daki could also lift up an elderly woman without any trouble whilst in flight. [38] Tanjuro Kamado · Kie Kamado · Takeo Kamado · Hanako Kamado · Shigeru Kamado · Rokuta Kamado · Sumiyoshi Kamado · Suyako Kamado · Sumire Kamado

Obi Pursuit ( 走 ( はし ) り 帶 ( おび ) , Hashiri Obi ?) [59] - Daki slides towards her opponent while one of her sashes vertically slashes them upwards. Immense Speed & Reflexes: Daki was extremely fast, shown when she could effortlessly keep up with Tanjiro's Hinokami Kagura techniques to the point she remarked that it was boring. [17] Like all Upper Rank demons, Daki could move so fast that she appeared to teleport. [33] [34] After she became whole with her dispersed obi sashes, Daki's speed increased drastically, such that it was incomparable from before. [21] Her speed increases even more after Gyutaro awakens, allowing her to keep up with Zenitsu's Thunderclap and Flash technique and successfully react to Tengen's explosives. ConoFig, the figure series that’s “just the right size”, proudly presents the ConoFig Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Daki and Gyutaro figure from the hit anime series Demon Slayer: Kimestu no Yaiba! Daki was a very prideful, dismissive, and sadistic person, taking enjoyment in toying with her victims before killing them and not showing the slightest bit of guilt or remorse for taking the lives of her victims. [13] [14] She thought very highly of herself, dismissing all non- Hashira Demon Slayers as not worth her time, [15] and getting incensed when Tanjiro Kamado spoke to her, because she looked down on him. [16] This was also shown when Daki said that she might spare Tanjiro if he told her how many Demon Slayers are present in the Entertainment District, and when Daki openly expressed how slow the Demon Slayer's techniques were and her boredom, [17] which further showcased her arrogant and dismissive personality.

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Meticulously made to highlight even the most delicate features, ConoFig is the figure series you can enjoy at a whim while admiring the fine details! Akeno Tsugikuni · Senjuro Rengoku · Ruka Rengoku · Yuichiro Tokito · Kotoha Hashibira · Hisa · Saburo · Kazumi · Satoko · Tokie · Rei · Keizo · Koyuki · Takaharu · Toyo · Uta · Shizu Shinazugawa · Kyogo Shinazugawa · Tsutako Tomioka

In contrast to his praise of her abilities, Muzan did not have a high opinion of Daki, regarding her as a "stupid child". [60] Moreover, during the meeting of the Upper Ranks, he only mentioned her death to deride Gyutaro for his love for her as a weakness. [61] Sentient Flesh Obi: Daki had also displayed the ability to create obi sashes with cognitive functions as well, [55] which she does to guard and protect her "store house" where she kept her food. The sentient sashes also have a secondary purpose, which is to capture women in the brothels of the Entertainment District and to gain information about them, as seen when it interrogated Makio. [56] She also created another living obi sash to monitor and watch over Hinatsuru as she suspected her of being a spy for the Demon Slayers and then kill her if anything goes amiss. [57] Daki can also telepathically communicate with her sentient sashes, shown when she could give it instructions and watch over Inosuke fighting. [43] On top of having exceedingly petulant and aggressive tendencies, Daki hailed her transformation as the greatest thing that has ever happened to her, most likely due to the extreme poverty and near-death experience she faced during her human life, openly denouncing her humanity in front of Tanjiro and claiming that as a demon, she can do anything she pleases. [19] This pride in her nature as a demon, and especially as an Upper Rank, was cause for her to cry and whine when Tengen Uzui did not believe that she had the strength of one, to the point where she threw a tantrum while wailing and spewing threats at the Hashira. Even as a young child and still human, Ume had already showcased, at the very least, above average vitality and endurance, having survived for a prolonged period of time with her entire body burned alive. Upon discovering her and her brother, Doma noted that Ume was able to stubbornly cling to life despite her injuries and managed to successfully survive long enough to be transformed into a demon. Sash Detachments: Daki can create sentient sash detachments from her own body. They are able to think for themselves and communicate with the main body even when they are apart, as seen when she sent the sashes to guard and protect her storehouse and when she created another living sash to monitor Hinatsuru who she suspected was a spy.


Entangling Obi ( 搦 ( から ) め 帶 ( おび ) , Karame Obi ?) [59] - Daki sends her sashes underground reappearing underneath her opponents' location, forcing them high into the air leaving them vulnerable to her.

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