Court of Ravens and Ruin: A Brides of Mist and Fae Novel (The Shadow Bound Queen Book 1)

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Court of Ravens and Ruin: A Brides of Mist and Fae Novel (The Shadow Bound Queen Book 1)

Court of Ravens and Ruin: A Brides of Mist and Fae Novel (The Shadow Bound Queen Book 1)

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Goodreads Librarians are volunteers who help ensure the accuracy of information about books and authors in the Goodreads' catalog. The Goodreads Libra Goodreads Librarians are volunteers who help ensure the accuracy of information about books and authors in the Goodreads' catalog. The Goodreads Librarians Group is the official group for requesting additions or updates to the catalog, including: There was no way the marks could be hidden. And even if they could, my copper hair drew attention like a flame to the moths. Reyna doesn’t know why the Prince has kidnapped her. But when he announces her as his betrothed, she knows that she must escape before she is eternally bound to the monster behind the mask. As the story unfolds, the tension between them builds as they both struggle to navigate their complicated bond. The narrative turns into a thrilling game of secrets and deception. A defiant human woman. A dark fae Prince. Two enemies bound to a marriage that could destroy their world.

I don’t think this review will contain any spoilers because, despite having finished this book, I still don’t really know what is going on. Oh sure. You only want me dead after I've helped you with some secret task that you won't tell me about." Only, when he takes the mask off, he isn’t what she expects. He’s lethal, beautiful and exudes sin. And he needs her. My favorite character is obviously Voror. I mean first of all a talking owl? Yes, please. Plus he's just so sassy. I love his confidence and attitude lol. Reyna, our MC, is a little too defiant for someone who is supposed to have been a slave for so long. But other than that she's alright. I want to love the prince. I think all the elements are there, but so far we haven't really gotten to know him much and so it leaves me wanting. I'm hoping the upcoming books with solve some of that.For two decades, my hair had caused me nothing but grief. It made me different, made me stand out. It had made me a target, even within the enslaved human community. Authors, if you are a member of the Goodreads Author Program, you can edit information about your own books. Find out how in this guide. The protagonist is one of the weakest I've encountered, but I'm intrigued by the mysterious dark prince so I'll continue the series. Also, it's Sarah J. Maas so she had to put in a inappropriate sex scene for no reason. And by that I don't mean it was inappropriate because of the sex itself but because of the curcumstances under which the characters where...well..getting down and dirty. It just made them seem like complete assholes lol.

It was clear from the beginning that this would be a slowburn enemies-to-lovers. The sexual tension between them is palpable, yet they resist each other due to the many secrets and lies between them. Create your own word. This whole book was based of Norse history so the author could have easily found a word from that language to use. 2) Use swearing sporadically to really give the swear emphasis on just how screwed the character is. But 3) and more importantly swearing is a sign of weak writing to me. If you can't portray the characters emotion without them swearing then the writing could have been stronger. The book's main focus is on the mystery that shrouds everything, including the intricate relationship between the two main characters.The elements of a better story are buried in this book. As it is, it felt way too short, and as a result, a bit pointless. Brides of Mist and Fae is a brand new world from Eliza Raine, unconnected to the Dark Gods of Olympus. It focuses on a gold rune marked human that is kidnapped by the Prince of Shadows who is a fae. She goes through multiple events while trying to save herself and her friends Ina court of death and fear. She can usually be found reading fairytale retellings, playing board games or binge-watching Netflix shows. Also, that spice scene was incredibly unnecessary and weird. Why was it even there? There wasn't any romance to connect it to anything lol.

It feels like it’s barely been started and I can’t think of even one question that was answered by the end of the book. Not a single thing was tied up by the end of it. I’m eagerly waiting for the second book, but I’m inclined to think book one and book two should’ve been one book or at the very least some sort of answers should’ve been given. I understand leaving some questions unanswered obviously to continue the story, but the ending just felt unsatisfying. It was a nice cliffhanger, but there should’ve been some sort of question answered before the end. It just feels kind of unfinished and unsatisfying. Not the end of the world, but a bummer. I look forward to reading book two when it releases. Details About Court of Ravens and Ruin by Eliza Raine

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The worldbuilding in this book is well-crafted, and I liked the description of the castle and city. I was intrigued by the idea of the gold-giver and the Fae's use of magic through their staff. Additionally, the incorporation of Norse mythology into the Fae lore was an interesting twist. It has piqued my interest and I would love to read more books that explore the concept of Viking Fae. She’s just sooooo special. The author couldn’t have chosen any other color? Not that I like hair color being a defining characteristic, but she’s just a ginger? That’s it? By the end of the book, we still know basically nothing about the central mysteries. The cliffhanger felt meaningless because we know nothing, we don’t care about the supposed romance, and the stakes seem low aside from “people will die if we don’t solve this.” But even there…we don’t really know what the mystery even is. This is the first book in the Shadow Bound Queen series, and is inspired by Norse mythology and Vikings. Sexy fae Vikings. It has Hades and Persephone, Beauty and the Beast vibes, and is slow-burn enemies to lovers fantasy romance with a burn-the-world-down-for-her hero. The series builds in steam and is filled with magic, myth, and delicious tension.

When the palace is raided, she takes her opportunity to escape. But the raid is led by her worst nightmare. The Prince of the most feared fae of all; the Shadow Court. And he wants one thing.

Court of Ravens and Ruin

Reyna’s defining characteristic is her hair. Take a shot every time it mentions her “ shining, copper hair.” 57 times. I counted. You’re not making it out alive. I guess she’s the only person in the world with slightly reddish hair, and that just makes her oh-so special. Eliza Raine writes Greek mythology inspired fantasy that is fast paced, full of new worlds and creatures and sprinkled with a healthy dose of romance. She lives near Reading in England with her husband, three cats and outrageously cute puppy. She has a BA Hons in History and has a deep-rooted passion for mythology and stories about women who don't need rescuing. Drawn into a deadly world shrouded in secrets, and desperate to keep her own hidden, Reyna must find a way out. If she doesn’t, she risks more than just death. She risks giving everything to her intoxicating captor. I wasn't interested, so much boring politics, and the main character is just getting more and more annoying. The summary portrays the protagonist as a "defiant human" and she's even praised for her bravery by some characters. However, in reality, she isn't, making stupid decisions that often put herself and others in danger.

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