Broken Dolls (Jefferson Winter)

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Broken Dolls (Jefferson Winter)

Broken Dolls (Jefferson Winter)

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Well, as I said, I liked the story in the beginning; however, when the science part actually was revealed, it just didn't work. The Professor's goals were idealistic and positive, yet kind of naïve and unbelievable—I don't think the achievements he was striving for could be attained just like that. (Although it would be nice if they could.) This was too wishy-washy to my liking. Suspension of disbelief kind of fell and crashed to the floor. The ending felt rushed and almost like an afterthought. Not the main resolution to the plot, but the actual last few paragraphs. It just kind of stopped with nothing interesting to leave me thinking about--very anticlimactic. I honestly don't know where to begin with this review, because it isn't something that I've yet to wrap my head around. There were so many delicious twists and turns in this book just when you think you know what is going on and what its all about...HA! I also felt that withholding information to progress the story was irritating. It isn't a very long story, but the cycles of the Professor refusing to tell Ella about her past, then Ella getting into a bunch of trouble because he won't tell her was exhausting. At some point would the Professor not think that telling her would be better? I wish there was more imagery. The book is very fast-paced, and while I could visualize a lot of the story, I think the action overpowered some of the novel, leaving me unable to "see" things.

In Kingsolver’s ‘Telepathic Clans’ saga the definition of a ‘succubus’ is rather different to what readers might be familiar with (meaning they aren’t demonic ladies who cruelly steal the respectability of sleeping/dreaming men *eye roll*). The telepaths (RB included) have numerous ‘gifts’. The succubus gift involves numerous talents and physical attributes. Of course those talents and attributes are linked to attractiveness and sexual prowess. RB, as all telepaths are, is very beautiful and sexy but not a succubus. She’s just really awesome. BR Kingsolver’s ability to create fantastic extremely likeable characters seems inexhaustible. RB is definitely my favourite so far. The fostered reader communities are awesome. The groups comprise readers who are thoughtful, vary widely in their tastes and interests but all of whom love all things bookish. RB is an amazing character. First she has a large number of Gifts, more than most other telepaths and Druids around her. She uses her gifts, mostly, to stop people who are doing things wrong as a PI. I thought that was an awesome way to showcase her abilities. I loved her sense of loyalty. She also has morals about some things that others with Gifts don’t. She was tenacious, strong, and brave. She protected others, but could be vulnerable. She was a well rounded character full of depth, and I loved her. Ella has never known a life outside of the professor's attic. She loves trees, painting, and, most of all, to dance. Ella is also a doll who, the professor says, was once human. The professor dresses her in a new tutu everyday, and her life, while limited, is happy. Then the professor introduces her to another doll named Lisa. Lisa is not happy. Lisa is quite possibly crazy ad tries to kill Ella. Lisa runs away from the attic and discovers secrets about the professor, secrets that make Ella question everything about her existence. She also begins to wonder if the professor is really a gentle man that wants to help those that are broken, or if he is a mad man that turns girls into dolls for fun. The plot was very unique and from unique I would say one of a kind. The plot was mysterious but was still in front of you. The only thing I can imagine to compare it with would be a roller coaster, yeah a roller coaster with its own thrill and adventure.

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First I wanna say how honored I feel that I got this arc from the author. Being able to read your work is not something I take lightly. I know how hard it is to put out a book. So thanks! I do review the books I read with 100% honesty. Until one day when the professor makes another doll, Lisa. A gothic double-crossing doll with a mean streak, who remembers her old life and is hellbent on beating the diabolical professor. When DS Sophie Templeton gets taken there is nothing Winter & Hatcher wont do to catch this psychopath they put & plan in place BUT WILL RACHEL & SOPHIE SURVIVE!! only time will tell

Now the hunted doesn't really get a point of view standing barring one chapter, his latest victim Rachel does however, so through her treatment we get a first-hand view of the miscreants mind games and violent inclinations. She loves her time with the professor, but he can’t be with her at every moment so he’s made her a friend. But there’s something wrong with this new goth doll, Lisa. She’s asking all sorts of questions about the Professor, and how exactly he makes people into dolls, and she’s starting to really scare Ella. She heaves a brush from the tub and awkwardly maneuvers it into one of the colors, but I can’t make out which one in the dark. Before I have time to object, she presses her eye into the tip. “I don’t have blue eyes!” She shrieks, blinding herself further when she pushes her other eye into the brush. “He made me have blue eyes! They’re not mine! THEY’RE NOT MINE!”With Lisa hiding out somewhere in the walls of the house, a failed attempt to keep Ella from being lonely, the Professor introduces Ella to Gabby; a real, living girl. The Professor’s granddaughter. “Do you ever get the feeling that we might be related?” I ask softly, hoping I haven’t said anything out of line. As cute as this book was, the premise made it have a dark undertone that I couldn't have loved more. I have to admit, this book broke my heart. I didn't expect myself to be so emotionally invested with these characters until they made me cry whenever they were hurt in some slight or huge way. The themes I kept experiencing during this book were surprise and change. Surprising because of the events that happened in the last few chapters that I never saw coming. Change in the sense that I found myself loving characters I was suspicious of in the beginning and hating some characters that I loved in the beginning. So, we begin our story with a little animated doll named Ella, she's a ballerina and is quite content in her life, she adores the Professor, the one who made her and takes care of her. One day, he gives Ella a friend, Lisa. At once, it's seen that she is unlike Ella, she's dark and not friendly, she remembers things from her past though, dolls don't have pasts, right?

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Just like the plot, the character was also unique. The first thing I noticed and found attractive in the book was the name of the character. So different and still so familiar. The character was also very well described and I give the credits to the imagination of the author. Honestly, Lisa, shut up." I shake my head. "We get it. You're a dumb person, and you've done stupid things."

When she takes a job to find a missing girl, she has no idea she is headed for the most dangerous case of her career. Usually, her ability to read minds gives her an edge. But when the people she's hunting are also telepaths, that advantage is limited. Wait, what? So the dolls thing is optional? It really is a coma? The body only needs to be asleep? This is just.... moving you so you can still kind of have a life... is that it? Broken Dolls, the first Jefferson Winter thriller, will be published in January 2014. This will be followed in the Spring by Presumed Guilty, the first in a series of eBooks set during Winter’s FBI days. Watch Me, the second Jefferson Winter thriller, is scheduled for publication in September 2014.This was written for the extreme horror girlies out there that craves depravity and pure filth, and who will not see the pearly gates of heaven 😌 The character of Jefferson Winter came about because he wanted to write a series of books that gave him as much freedom as possible. He figured that the more interesting he kept things for himself, the more interesting it would be for the reader.

Lisa is different, in several ways. She is goth, and sarcastic. She also remembers the time before and is determined to return there and bring Ella with her. Quando ho richiesto questo titolo alla Curiosity quills press per il tour di dicembre, sono stata attirata inizialmente dalla copertina. Per la trama mi aspettavo una storia alla Doll bones, che ho letto più o meno un anno fa e che non mi ha colpito particolarmente. I'm sorry this reminded me of Judith Sonnet's "No One Rides For Free. There's a bag of toys/goodies. The tone is just too similar. Now I probably should've know what I was getting myself into based from the first book, but I don't think anything could've prepared me for the sheer level of depravity that was this one😳 Since it's from Ella's point of view, it is all pretty simplistic and she makes irrational kid decisions. It's frustrating at times, but I enjoyed the pacing of how she discovered everything. Lisa's constant pushing for Ella to try and remember things was brutal but understandable, even if she was ruthless about it.The pacing of the book was incredibly swift, I devoured it all in one sitting. It also served as a compelling homage to one of my favorite movies, "Funny Games," which only added to its appeal.

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