Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold - Gallon

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Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold - Gallon

Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold - Gallon

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Sealer’s Choice® Gold – Rapid Cure is a premium grade, high performance penetrating / impregnating stone, tile & grout sealer. It is a low VOC, water-based sealer formulated to provide maximum stain protection, especially in food preparation and serving areas. Ideal for all interior and exterior natural stone, tile & grout surfaces. This premium sealer also includes built-in Microban® – Cured Sealant is Mould & Mildew Resistant, and this sealer lasts up to 15 years. Pre-wet the floor with Aqua Mix Stone Deep Clean or Aqua Mix Heavy-Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner at a dilution of 6:1, allow the surface to soak for 3-5 minutes keeping wet.

Aqua Mix Penetrating Sealers do not change the natural slip resistance of the stone or tile surface. In contrast coating/surface sealers can alter the natural slip resistance. The following article discusses the relationship between sealers and slip resistance in more detail. A: If grout sealer is spilt on to a tile, it should be cleaned up immediately with a sponge and warm water. Then you can use white vinegar mix with the same amount of water to scrub any left-over grout sealer residue. Q: How long does grout sealer last? Ready for surface traffic 6 hours after final coat. Keep area dry for at least 12 hours. Achieves a full cure in 24 hours. Cleaning of equipment Natural stone (such as granite, limestone, marble, slate, and travertine), ceramic, porcelain, grout, quarry, Saltillo, terra-cotta, cement pavers, masonry surfaces, and other water-safe surfaces. Health Precautions Clay and Saltillo tile may require extended drying time depending on temperature and humidity. Make sure the tiles are completely dry before application. Test product in obscure area to ensure desirable results. Health PrecautionsBesides these four types of grout sealers, we also lay emphasis on the two significant kinds of grout sealers, namely the hydrophobic and oleophobic sealers. These are under the penetrating sealer, also called the impregnator model, which is famously used for showers. Spray Grout Sealer Keep floor surfaces dry and clean to reduce possibility of slip-fall accidents. Routine pressure-washing will affect expected wear The first grout sealer type under discussion is the spray grout sealer. This is a very common sealer used by many professionals around the world. However, spray-on grout sealers must be used with a lot of caution, such that they are not over-sprayed.

The first thing to understand is there are no internationally recognized test methods or standards for stone and tile sealers. There are some common test methods such as shear bond and vapour transmission, but no performance standards or standard tests a sealer must pass. This includes the performance characteristic of expected wear (EW). Because of this there is no independent way of evaluating one manufacturers claim regarding EW with another. However Aqua Mix® has always taken a responsible and scientific approach to all of our testing including claims regarding EW. Wear skin and eye protection. Do not breathe vapor or spray. Contains potassium methyl siliconate. If in eyes, flush with water for at least 15 minutes. If on skin, wash with soap and water. If respiratory tract is irritated, remove to fresh air. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Seek medical attention Limitations to the ProductFor a highsheen finish on interior surfaces only, apply Aqua Mix® Floor Shine & Hardener over Seal & Finish Low Sheen. Allow a minimum of 2 hours drying time before applying Aqua Mix® finishes. Drying Time SEALER’S CHOICE® GOLD – Protect by putting a barrier between contaminants and the surface, providing on-going stain resistance and prolonged life of the surface. vacuum up dirty solution. Heavily built-up efflorescence may require additional applications and a longer dwell time. Allow area to dry 24 hours prior to sealing area with any Aqua Mix® sealer. To Inhibit Efflorescence: Apply a thin coat of solution with mop, sponge applicator, paint roller or brush. Scrub into surface with scrub brush or scrub machine. DO NOT RINSE. Wipe dry any product remaining on the surface. Several treatments may be required to fully inhibit efflorescence. Allow area to dry 24 hours prior to sealing area with any Aqua Mix® sealer. This sealer is made up of chemicals that help it repel both water and oil. This means once applied, water-based substances, oils, lard, and even cooking fate will be prevented from entering your grout. Hydrophobic Sealers

Wear skin and eye protection. Contains barium sulfate and silicic acid. If in eyes, flush with water for at least 15 minutes. If on skin, wash with soap and water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting, seek medical attention Limitations to the Product Read entire label before using. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Sweep, vacuum, or dust surface to remove any loose debris. Pre-wet surface with a liberal amount of water. Apply NanoScrub® directly to the wet surface. Agitate with a white nylon pad, scrub brush or scrub machine. Mop or wet vacuum up residue. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. NanoScrub® can be used as a power booster, with Aqua Mix® HeavyDuty Tile & Grout Cleaner, Stone Deep Clean, or 1&2 Deep Clean mixed according to directions. Apply chosen product to surface, add NanoScrub® and agitate mixture. Continue to foll Sealer will not prevent surface wear or etching from acids or caustic Chemicals Pre-Grout Sealer/Grout Release Will vary depending on hardness and texture of surface, type of area, surface wear, frequency, and type of maintenance products used Weather conditions, harsh cleaning methods, and high-alkaline, acidic, or solvent-based cleaners will affect wear Handling & Storage Read entire label before using. For new installations, Enrich ‘N’ Seal can be applied to a dry surface as soon as 48 hours after grouting. Surface must be clean, dry, and free of existing sealers or coatings. Apply using a sponge, brush, paint pad, cotton towel, or sprayer. NOTE: Avoid overlapping and rundown. On vertical surfaces, apply bottom to top or apply to each tile prior to installation. Be sure any sealer that does not penetrate surface is wiped completely dry off surface within 5 minutes of each application using clean, dry, absorbent paper, cotton or microfiber towels. If sealer residue is not completely removed from stone and grout surface within 5 minutes of application, a residue may form. If 2 or more applications are used, allow a minimum of 30 minutes drying time between applications. Some highly porous surfaces may require an additional application after full cure insuring that all residue is removed within 5 minutes. Pre-Grouting ApplicationWear skin and eye protection. Contains sodium (C14-16) olefin sulfonate and other surfactants. If in eyes, flush with water for at least 15 minutes. If on skin, wash with soap and water. If irritation persists,

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