AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5975WX Box

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AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5975WX Box

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5975WX Box

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catia-06 - Dassault Systems Catia v5 / 3DExperience - 10 tests ranging from 2.1 to 21 million vertices. Viewsets include several rendering modes - anti-aliasing, shaded, and shaded with edges.

Server-grade Remote Management – ASMB9-iKVM: BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) chip to provide intelligence for its IPMI architecture for out-of-band management to enhance hardware-level control for improved IT efficiency Another rendering benchmark is V-Ray and here the 5995WX was 15% faster than the 3990X, so not a huge performance gain, but about what we've come to expect for this sort of workload.For comparison we've included the Threadripper 3990X which was tested on the MSI Creator TRX40 motherboard using the same Team T-ForceDDR4-3600 memory at 3400. Then we have a few desktop CPUs for comparison: a Ryzen 9 5950X tested with dual-rank DDR4-3200 memory, and the Intel Core i9-12900K using DDR5-6400 memory. The graphics card used for all testing is the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti. Let's get into the data... Benchmarks Of course, we tested thermal performance before we got benchmarking and everything looked good. After an hour of looping the Cinebench R23 benchmark we hit a peak temperature of 83C, which given the power usage is a good result. That said, it's unlikely to be optimal and if we look closely at the peak core complex die temperatures we see that only two peaked at around 80C, then two more which peaked in the mid to low 70s with what we assume are the four centrally located CCD's peaking at between just 57 and 61C. What We Learned Using the Pro The new 64-core AMD Threadripper Pro 5995WX and 32-core Threadripper Pro 5975WX are finally available at retail, breaking free from the confines of pre-built OEM systems to contend for a spot on our list of best CPUs for workstations. They have a tough act to follow: AMD's previous-gen Threadripper CPUs delivered a crushing blow to the entrenched Intel's HEDT and workstation lineup, with the consumer models essentially muscling Team Blue out of the high end desktop (HEDT) market entirely while the Pro models relegated Intel to an also-ran in the workstation market. Intel's HEDT chips pull off a lone win in the PCMark 10 rendering and visualization subtest, but most of these threaded tests skew towards Threadripper. If you're wondering why the 'Pro' models cost so much more, it's because they're legitimately more workstation oriented. For example, you get twice as many PCIe lanes from the CPU, 128 versus 64 while the current AM4 desktop parts have 24 in total, 16 for the primary PCIe slot, 4 four the primary M.2 and then 4 connecting the chipset.

Innovative Cooling and Robust Power and Comprehensive Cooling:16 power stages, ProCool II connectors, 6-pin power connectors, aluminum VRM and M.2 heatsink, semi-passive SOC and DRAM heatsink Here the 5995WX was 28% faster than the 3990X, which is a significant performance advantage and this translates into serious real-world improvements. We believe the increased memory bandwidth and improved single core performance is largely responsible for the performance gains seen in Adobe Premiere. We're only looking at an 8% improvement in the 7-zip file manager decompression test for the 5995WX over the 3990X. But this time removing the power limits resulted in a slightly more impressive 9% performance increase.The SVT-AV1 and SVT-HEVC benchmarks show that these threaded encoders respond well to increased core counts, which plays right into Threadripper's hands. However, the software doesn't appear to be entirely optimized for the 64-core Threadripper's unique architecture — the 32-core 5975WX leads in the HEVC benchmark. We also only see small deltas between the 32-core and 64-core in the AV1 benchmark.

solidworks-05 - Dassault Systems Solidworks 2020 - 10 tests ranging from 2.1 to 21 million vertices. Viewsets include several rendering modes - shaded, shaded with edges, ambient occlusion, shaders, and environment maps. The 5995WX was on par with the 5950X in Watch Dogs: Legion making it 15% faster than the 3990X, but much slower than the 12900K.

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You probably already guessed it, but the Threadripper Pro 5000 series are the most efficient chips in the test pool. AMD Threadripper Pro 5995WX and 5975WX Benchmark Test Setup The Threadripper Pro 5995WX is an impressive processor and although for the majority of our testing it wasn't a great deal faster than the 3990X, it can be around 30% faster depending on the workload. However even that percentage gain can be fairly meaningless in a workstation setting, so here's what happened in ours...

On that note, it's difficult to give something like the 5995WX a value rating, if it can do for you what it can do for us then it's invaluable and will pay for itself. It's a workstation product, designed for professionals and with no retail competition for Intel, it's your best option. We're happy AMD is giving customers the chance to build their own workstation PCs and not forcing them to buy mediocre OEM systems, so that in itself is a win. These workloads are comprised of a fixed amount of work, so we can plot the task energy against the time required to finish the job (bottom axis), thus generating a handy power chart. Bear in mind that faster compute times and lower task energy requirements are ideal. The Hitman 3 results are a bit more typical, where the 5995WX was slightly slower than the 5950X, a mere 3% decline in performance which meant it was still 18% faster than the older 3990X. The MSI WS WRX80 gives you a good idea of some of the features you can expect from a high-end WRX80 motherboard, including eight DIMM slots, seven PCIe 4.0 x16 slots, two M.2 slots, two U.2 connectors, eight SATA ports, and a 10Gbps Aquantia AQC113CS LAN controller. maya-06 - Autodesk Maya 2017 - 10 rendering tests, including shaded, ambient occlusion, multi-sample anti-aliasing, and transparency.

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Flipping over to single-threaded Cinebench shows the 5000-series Pro chips delivering ~15% more performance than the prior gen. The consumer chips dominate the chart, though. The performance looks great but recent rumors have stated that the Threadripper 5000 lineup is expected in 2022. A launch in 2022 would mean that AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 5000 HEDT CPUs will be pitted close to Intel's own Sapphire Rapids HEDT family for the W790 platform. Both Intel & AMD last launched their HEDT CPUs in November 2019, AMD did release its workstation/prosumer Threadripper chips too but Intel has been unable to capture the HEDT market since then. With new HEDT CPU families arriving in 2022, we will once again see heated competition in the segment, especially since both CPU makers will be offering brand new core architectures for the platform.

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