Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB Console

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Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB Console

Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB Console

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The first is that the Xbox One controller will be Microsoft's first to natively support Bluetooth. That means should you want to use it as a controller for your PC you won't need a proprietary Xbox One USB receiver plugged in. Use with digital games only; console does not play physical discs. Use on Xbox Series S as content becomes available. 120 FPS: Requires supported content and display; use on Xbox Series S as content becomes available. 4K streaming: with selected apps, see Some apps require app provider-specific subscriptions and/or other requirements. Xbox Game Pass: Game catalogue varies over time. Visit Xbox Game Pass for details. Halo Infinite: coming soon. The Xbox One S is a superb upscaler. The picture is super-sharp, with some nicely defined edges and little in the way of jagged edges. Only the finer textures appeared a little blurry. On the whole, however, the machine does an excellent job of making 1080p content look good in 4K. Thankfully, Microsoft has finally added Bluetooth functionality to the controller. This won’t be a big deal to Xbox users but will be a godsend for PC gamers looking for a decent gaming pad. Now PC gamers can use Xbox controllers without shelling out for an Xbox USB Wireless Controller Adapter. Xbox One S – Specifications

The Xbox One S is slimmer than the Xbox One and runs quieter. But the main difference is that the Xbox One S offers HDR and 4K blu-ray support. Although you’ll need a 4KTV to make use of these features. But all that taken into account, it's hard to find anything tangible to dislike about the Xbox One S in its current form. By all accounts, it's a slimmer, sleeker and sexier console than the Xbox console we've had in our cabinets for the past two and a half years. But, given all the advancements, it's hard to fathom how Microsoft plans on selling it for the same price as the current hardware. Xbox One S 1TB Console Includes: * Xbox One S 1TB Console, wireless controller, HDMI cable (4K Capable), AC Power cable, 1-Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial, and 14-Day Xbox Live Gold Trial. (Trials not included with Pre-owned or Refurbished) Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Redeem by March 31, 2022. Game catalog varies over time. Upon redemption existing Xbox Live Gold and/or Game Pass for Console or PC memberships will convert to Ultimate at a conversion ratio. UHD Blu-rays represent the pinnacle of home-cinema picture quality, and this console can wield them as well as a dedicated player. The Panasonic does look better, with more subtle processing. The finer details look sharper and the colours are more neutral, but there isn’t a huge difference considering the price gap.Both consoles support HDMI IN for TV passthrough, meaning that you can connect your cable box or TV receiver to your console, and use it to navigate channels and TV schedules. Previously, you could use the Xbox One's TV tuner accessory, you could eliminate a separate TV set-top box in some territories, but Microsoft has deprecated the feature in updates owing to low usage. Both consoles also have an IR blaster to communicate with other devices, such as televisions, sound systems, and remote controls. Accessories: Excludes the Xbox One S stand that works exclusively with the Xbox One S. Xbox Kinect Adapter (sold separately) required for Kinect on Xbox One S and Xbox One X. So the games don’t perform noticeably better, and options are limited on HDR gaming. This means your gaming experience on the Xbox One S will be virtually indistinguishable from that on the Xbox One – except for ultra high-definition video output. The controller has been tweaked, too. It feels halfway between the basic Xbox One pad and the super-expensive Xbox One Elite Controller. It retains the ergonomic shape of the previous model, but the rear now benefits from a more grippy texture. Apparently, exchangeable colour covers are an option too. Your rights under Microsoft’s 1 year Limited Warranty are in addition to your consumer law rights. Learn more

Xbox One S is one of Microsoft’s latest offerings from its well-known range of gaming consoles which is designed to be lighter and smaller as well as created with video aficionados in mind. It is a revision of the original Xbox One hardware with a streamlined form factor. Its new casing is 40% smaller than the original design, and supports vertical orientation with a stand. If you set your console resolution to 4K UHD, some things on the console, like Home and apps will display at 4K. But games are a bit different. Games on the Xbox One S get upscaled to 4K. What that means is that although the picture tends to be smoother and more detailed than native 720p or 1080p, upscaled 4K isn’t as rich or detailed as native 4K. Do you need a 4K TV for Xbox One S? The chipset may be the same as before, but the GPU frequency has increased from 853MHz to 914MHz. This may allow for a minor improvement in performance, but Microsoft says it isn’t supposed to be a selling point. Instead, the extra power is there to handle the strain of HDR games.The only console designed to play the best games of the past, present, and future Play over 2,200 games including more than 200 exclusives and over 550 classics from Xbox 360 and Original Xbox. The only clear disadvantage to using the Xbox One S as a 4K Blu-ray player is that it doesn’t support Dolby Atmos audio. Well not yet, anyway – Microsoft has promised an update. For now, you’ll have to settle for regular surround sound. It’s a small price, considering how much cheaper the console is. I’d also argue that anyone who can afford a home Dolby Atmos is likely to shell out for the premium dedicated player anyway. Of course, the obvious downside is that anyone who recently bought an Xbox One is now faced with a difficult and expensive decision: is the upgraded performance, 4K HDR streaming and 2TB of storage worth re-buying the system? You want to take advantage of Xbox Game Pass: Xbox One S is honestly a perfect machine for Xbox Game Pass, especially for those with a more powerful primary platform such as PS5 or a PC. Microsoft’s service has a selection of excellent titles on it right now, and all of its first-party efforts will arrive on day one at no extra cost. If you don’t mind compromise in visuals and performance, this is the ideal way to try them out.

An IR blaster has been added to the front. That’s Microsoft’s way of increasing the Xbox One S’ multimedia capabilities.The IR blaster lets you set the Xbox One S to turn on other devices, such as your TV or home-cinema amplifier. It’s a nice idea, but I still found myself using the dedicated remotes as they’re less unpredictable.

Key specs

If you own a 4K HDR TV or you're running out of space on that measly 500GB hard drive, the answer is an emphatic yes. If you can hold out another 12 months, however, there's an even more powerful system on the way that will blow this one out of the water. It isn’t simply a price thing either, since the performance is more than respectable for the money. The Xbox One S does a fine job handling 4K Blu-rays. Load times are fast and it produced decent pictures across all three of my test discs (Mad Max: Fury Road, X-Men: Days of Future Past and San Andreas). Compatibility depends on device and operating system version. Experiences may vary. Go to Xbox Wireless Controller functionality for more information. The availability and sale of Xbox Series S is subject to required regulatory approval(s) in your jurisdiction. The Xbox One S is a smart upgrade to Microsoft's Xbox One system, but whether you'll want to make the upgrade is a slightly more complicated question. If you've been considering buying an Xbox One already, then the Xbox One S is a no-brainer. But if you already own an Xbox One then your decision will likely have more to do with whether you own a 4K TV that's HDR-compatible. Xbox One S: we liked There are two physical buttons in place of the capacitive touch buttons for power and eject on the face of the console, and the sync and USB 3.0 ports have been brought from the side of the unit to the lower half of the front face.

When it comes to size, Xbox One S is considerably smaller compared to the original one, around 40% reduced to be exact making Xbox One looked really chunky at 333mm x 276mm x 78mm. Another edge of One S is the fact that it comes with a built-in power supply. Xbox Game Pass: sold separately; game catalogue varies over time. See and and for details. streaming: with select apps, see Some apps require app provider-specific subscriptions and/or other requirements. The other two changes are a textured grip that makes the controller easier to hold for longer periods of time, and an extra powerful wireless antenna that allows players to sit farther from the screen. While the switch from Xbox One to Xbox One S would've been a perfect time to replace the controller's power source from batteries to a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, that unfortunately wasn't on the cards. Access to Online Multiplayer: Xbox Live Gold (sold separately) required for online multiplayer on Xbox consoles.Highly detailed "AAA" games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey truly come to life in 4K, with unprecedented detail. (Image credit: Future) Use with digital games only; console does not play physical discs. Use on Xbox Series S as content becomes available. 120 FPS: Requires supported content and display; use on Xbox Series S as content becomes available. 4K streaming: with select apps, see Some apps require app provider-specific subscriptions and/or other requirements. Xbox Game Pass: Game catalog varies over time. Visit Xbox Game Pass for details. Halo Infinite: coming soon. The Kinect port has gone. This isn’t a deal-breaker for me. It’s a move that also doesn’t surprise me, considering the number of people I know who use the Kinect (none). Those who want to use a Kinect will also be able to connect the peripheral via USB with an adapter. Microsoft is currently giving them away to existing Kinect owners. Up to 120 FPS: Requires supported content and display. Use on Xbox Series S as content becomes available.

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