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His last whim had been to bring with him, on his weekly visits, some new, useful, and ingenious article for the young housekeeper. Everything was done at last, even to Amy’s arranging different colored soaps to match the different colored rooms, and Beth’s setting the table for the first meal.

Before her marriage to John Brooke, while still living at home, she often lectures her younger sisters to ensure they grow to embody the title of "little women". I can completely understand how this would rub many modern readers up the wrong way – normally it would have this effect on me to, and yet, there was something so honest and truthful about Little Women, and the advice was coming from a place of such love hoping to prepare the girls for their future, that I found it endearing. You wouldn’t have me let that fine fellow work himself to death, just for the want of a little help, when he is worth a dozen of us lazy chaps, would you? A year goes by without much success; later Aunt March dies and leaves her large estate Plumfield to Jo, who marries Friedrich and turns the house into a school.So true about Jo and the Professor – there’s something not quite right about Laurie and Amy but Jo and the Professor are so adorable together! The British influence, giving Part 2 its own title, Good Wives, has the book still published in two volumes, with Good Wives beginning three years after Little Women ends, especially in the UK and Canada, but also with some US editions. I’m doing my best, ma’am, but can’t get much higher, I’m afraid, as six feet is about all men can do in these degenerate days,” responded the young gentleman, whose head was about level with the little chandelier. The first printing of 2,000 copies sold out quickly, and the company had trouble keeping up with demand for additional printings. Earnest young men found the gray-headed scholar as young at heart as they; thoughtful or troubled women instinctively brought their doubts and sorrows to him, sure of finding the gentlest sympathy, the wisest counsel; sinners told their sins to the pure-hearted old man, and were both rebuked and saved; gifted men found a companion in him; ambitious men caught glimpses of nobler ambitions than their own; and even worldlings confessed that his beliefs were beautiful and true, although “they wouldn’t pay.

Sicherman said that the unsatisfying ending worked to "keep the story alive" as if the reader might find it ended differently upon different readings. It uses the same script and sets as the 30’s one with Katherine Hepburn, but I still like this one more.

Little Women has been one of the most widely read novels, noted by Stern from a 1927 report in The New York Times and cited in Little Women and the Feminist Imagination: Criticism, Controversy, Personal Essays. You remind me that my plan to read the series began and ended with reading Little Women, back in 2002 or thereabouts.

I then borrowed my boyfriend’s copy of the Penguin Paperback Classic (found here) which contains both parts so I could finish the story properly! Meg fulfils expectations for women of the time; from the start, she is already a nearly perfect "little woman" in the eyes of the world. As they make their way from childhood to womanhood, each of the four March girls has her own path to tread, and though there is much joy to be found along their way, there is also much sorrow, heartache and lessons to be learned. I think it was so splendid for Papa to go as a chaplain when he was too old to be drafted, and not strong enough to be a soldier!These attributes, in spite of poverty and the strict integrity, which shut him out from the more worldly successes, attracted to him many admirable persons, as naturally as sweet herbs draw bees, and as naturally he gave them the honey into which fifty years of hard experience had distilled no bitter drop. When Aunt March overhears Meg accepting John's declaration of love, she threatens Meg with disinheritance because she suspects that Brooke is only interested in Meg's future prospects. She had her girlish ambitions and hopes, and felt some disappointment at the humble way in which the new life must begin. It was then that I realised the film had depicted not just Little Women, but its sequel, (one of three sequels, actually) Good Wives, too, and so off I set to find myself a copy of the latter. Of course not; but I don’t see the use of your having seventeen waistcoats, endless neckties, and a new hat every time you come home.

I will confess that I was feeling pretty low and fed up as I sat moaning under a blanket on my sofa.Alcott did not have Jo accept Laurie's hand in marriage; rather, when she arranged for Jo to marry, she portrayed an unconventional man as her husband. Why didn’t you go into the kitchen and make messes, as Sallie says she does, to amuse herself, though they never turn out well, and the servants laugh at her,” said Meg. Louisa May Alcott, daughter of Amos Bronson Alcott, one of Emerson's circle of friends, was born in Philadelphia in 1832.

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