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Not long after Eon, he wrote Forge of God and its sequel Anvil of Stars, both of which are a study of character development in the face of incomprehensible aliens and worldbuilding on a scale that is difficult to understand.

The Stone, as the Americans christen the hollowed-out asteroid that appears above 21st-century Earth in Eon, is full of mysteries. Describes a book or dust jacket that has the complete text pages (including those with maps or plates) but may lack endpapers, half-title, etc.I have not read those yet but Eon stands very well on its own as there is no cliff hanger to speak of. In the near future when human kind is, once again, on the brink of total self-destruction, when The Stone arrives. Some folks today, still argue that very similar, very real threats of atomic annihilation, fueled by other multi-polar realities (oil shortages, water shortages, cultural chauvinism, etc. Eventually, she enters the tunnel, travels down the Way, and meets the people who fled in the asteroid, her descendants. I will not go into depth about the story but what we all worried about in the seventies and eighties has come to pass, nuclear destruction on a huge scale.

I use that trick to post stuff I don’t want to appear in the reader, like the two index posts I did some time ago. Another book which I should have read 20 years ago, because now it feels outdated in regard to everyday technology. Things become stranger still as the Americans, Chinese and Soviets realize that The asteroid was created by mankind, but a future mankind, stranger still when they find it is still occupied by our descendants. What's more, many of the discoveries and determinations found on The Stone are truly mind staggering.Coming back down from my soapbox … Greg Bear's writing was very satisfying for me when I was younger. Hexamon technology is also able to reconstruct the bodies of the humans from 21st century, as the Soviet commander Mirsky discovers—when he is fatally shot in the head by his rivals during a confrontation in one of the libraries, the Stone's automatic defense and repair systems are triggered by this act of violence.

At the opening of the novel, in 2005, Judith Hoffmann, head of the commission that coordinates the exploration of the Stone, recruits a theoretical physicist. Still, as an avid sci-fi reader I like reading the odd bits of technobabble as long as they do not overwhelm the book to the point of rendering it unreadable.Incidentally, a 290 km prolate spheroid has been detected following an anomalous energy burst just outside the solar system. But for my taste, I think the review still stands: characters that behave in a totally unbelievable manner and handwavium disguised as science. The scale is enormous: large cities in a hollowed-out asteroid, a tunnel that is so wide and long that a city with tens of millions of inhabitants had traveled a million kilometers along it, indefinite number of parallel universes, aliens and technologies that would sound very inventive thirty or forty years ago, they all combine into a very compelling worldbuilding. His work covered themes of galactic conflict ( Forge of God books), parallel universes ( The Way series), consciousness and cultural practices ( Queen of Angels), and accelerated evolution ( Blood Music, Darwin’s Radio, and Darwin’s Children).

The first part of their plan involves accelerating some tuberiding human habitats to near light-speed.I never went back to Bear after trying this, though in fairness I encountered it as my SF interest was beginning to seriously lag. And museums describing the Death; the catastrophic war that was about to occur; the horror and the long winter that would follow.

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