Between Us: The biggest rom com of 2023: smart, romantic and laugh-out-loud funny from the bestselling author of Last Night and Mad About You

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Between Us: The biggest rom com of 2023: smart, romantic and laugh-out-loud funny from the bestselling author of Last Night and Mad About You

Between Us: The biggest rom com of 2023: smart, romantic and laugh-out-loud funny from the bestselling author of Last Night and Mad About You

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When she watched the shows, she realizes he is uses scenes from her own life in the show and she gets so mad at him, she breaks up with him. In this book, you have to be patient for Roisin to get an idea of the kind of partner she deserves, after Joe uses her and her quiet investigations uncover his betrayal in so many more ways. He was a safe place, full of danger…Her feelings for Matthew McKenzie had arrived in two ways: gradually, then suddenly . Secondary teacher Roisin Waters is looking forward to a weekend away with her closest friends of almost a decade, her boyfriend Joe, Meredith, Gina, Matt, Dev, and Anita. If you're looking for a book that explores healing after a toxic relationship and confronts family issues that revolve around self-growth and women's fiction themes, rather than lighthearted romance, then this book would suit your needs.

And even then, things don't get resolved until the 77 percent mark, and even then we get a twist/reveal at the 84 percent mark. She’s one of my absolute favourite authors and each year a new book is a joy – something to look forward to. She’s always had a tense relationship with her, especially since she’s very toxic and more obviously favors Roisin’s emotionally unavailable younger brother. These are my kind of romances that make me immediately give it five stars and a dignified personal recommendation from me at the end of the year. There are also a few undercurrents of…other feelings…that have been running between group members for potentially a long time, one of which Roisin is aware of and one of which she definitely is not.Thankfully, we are not taken back into the past for a painful play-by-play of their past doomed relationship. Eine Lektüre, die nicht nur das Herz erwärmt, sondern auch als Geschenk für besondere Menschen glänzt.

I was struggling to find time to read this one with my final college semester starting but after midterms this week I just read as much as I could.The read is a bit more of a struggle and less easy reading and comedic than previous novels by the same author - and the ending quite quick - but it still worth a read if you like her novels and still better then many others I’ve read. I was just wondering um okay, and then we shift to a teaching scene, her worry about Joe, and then her going away for the weekend. He hasn’t lost who he was, he still really cares about each of them in the group and wants them to stay close. There's the core friend group, a classic staple in the author's arsenal; a longterm relationship going tits up, with a new love in the wings waiting to be discovered; and, of course, some messy familial dynamics to sink your teeth into.

She's a bit adrift in her life and can feel that her relationship has died even if it isn't done quite yet. And as they watch the first episode of Joe’s drama, she realizes that the private things she told him–which should have stayed between them–are right there on the screen. McFarlane often de-centers the romance in favor of a heroine's development, but here, more than most of her books, the romance is slight.But as the weekend unfolds, tensions come to light in the group and Roisin begins to question her own relationship. Roisin couldn't let go of the hurt right away and I'm okay with that because, in the end, they have a grown-up conversation and end up stronger for it. I’m sure I could compare and contrast this story with her other stories until the cows come home, but I’ll leave it there.

I did appreciate the side plot around Roisin and her complicated relationship with her mother, and enjoyed their dynamics. And as they watch the first episode of Joe's drama, she realizes that the private things she told him--which should have stayed between them--are right there on the screen. Without going into spoilers, this isn’t really a romance, although there are romantic elements to it, it’s a story about a woman’s journey to find the truth about what she believed for the past ten years. Roisin Walters and Joe Powell have been a couple for a long time, she being the kind Monica to his somewhat mean Chandler in their group of friends in northern England.I thought McFarlane did a good job of portraying a group that have been friends for a long time, but are at that point in their lives when things are changing and some of them are drifting apart, such that the future of the friendships seem to hang in the balance, and there is this feeling of nostalgia for what once was. Stuck on the idea that the ongoing script of Joe’s show reflects more truth than fiction, Roisin re-examines their nine year relationship, discovering an undercurrent of deceit and manipulation to which she has been oblivious. Having the friend group meet while working in Waterstones was also such a nice touch, as a book lover. Roisin has been in this relationship for a a very long time and it’s only since Joe became so successful with his last show that she feels like she’s seeing a different person.

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