Grandma's Secret Spot Remover 2oz, Other, Multicoloured, 3.47 x 3.47 x 10.71 cm

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Grandma's Secret Spot Remover 2oz, Other, Multicoloured, 3.47 x 3.47 x 10.71 cm

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover 2oz, Other, Multicoloured, 3.47 x 3.47 x 10.71 cm

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Fresh stains often respond well to stain removers made from plant-based ingredients. For example, some formula’s are biobased and use a quadruple-enzyme formula to break stains up, so you can immediately wash them away. The this type of product is typically free of dyes and artificial fragrances, works in all water temperatures and won’t harm your septic system. LAUNDRY STAIN REMOVER: This instant Grandmas stain remover is specifically formulated for the treatment of rust stains. Try fabric stain remover on those stains that have aged in, or ones that have gone through the washing machine already. The best part is that fabric cleaner is concentrated. The clothes stain remover formula has no bleach, chlorine or phosphates added & grandma stain remover leaves behind a pleasant citrus fragrance.

This product is brilliant, and I;ve been using it for years. My husband recently got grease stains in different areas on a brand new shirt. I was able to remove all of them using this product. Highly recommend it!

Great stuff," said one five-star reviewer. "This product keeps our dog's bed linens free of dirt, stains and grime. It also combats my husband's cooking faux pas."

We love this laundry stain remover spray because of its naturally-derived ingredients, plant-based enzymes, and ability to effectively get rid of fresh stains. As a bonus, this stain remover contains no dyes or fragrances. For best results, simply spray directly onto the stain and let saturate for a few minutes, and then wash immediately or within 24 hours. For its value and effectiveness, one tester says this enzyme-based stain remover’s performance exceeds its affordable price point. EFFECTIVE: Grandma s secret spot remover can be used on blood, food stains, grass stains, pet stains, iodine, beverages (coffee, tea, wine, milk, cola, etc.), crayon, uncured latex paint, chocolate, raw egg, candle wax, heavy grime, ketchup, grease, oil stains, most shoe polishes, much more and the Grandma secret spot remover formula works in all water temperatures.Enzymatic cleaners use biological methods, like beneficial bacteria, to break down organic matter such as food stains, grass stains, and more. In our testing, Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear Laundry Stain Remover was very easy to use. Our testers found that it worked best on fresh, organic stains (it completely removed the olive oil, for example), but it did help fade some of the more stubborn set-in stains (like red wine and foundation). We also tried two more garments containing the same sets of stains, which had been previously made and allowed to set in. We then treated each stain the same way, comparing and contrasting the remover's effectiveness on set-in versus fresh stains. Another satisfied user says it's the only thing they will use. "Best stain remover ever! Got old stains out of shirts that have been washed and dried many times." HARSH ON STAINS NOT THE FABRIC: The toxin-free stain remover formula removes just the stains, not the beautiful color of your clothes. Our effective yet gentle stain remover for clothes does not contain bleaching agents or leave dirt-attracting residues, so spot remover should not harm your fabric. You can use Grandmas spot remover worry-free on your expensive investment.

For those everyday stains that occur anywhere from the office to a restaurant, we love Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover. This compact and portable stain remover pen is effective at removing small stains, both fresh and set-in, caused by food, grass, ink, and oil. While the red wine and foundation stains needed a bit more work, our tester says “the grass, marker, and syrup were all totally removed.” After laundering as normal, the stain is completely gone! See that? The OLD pen marks are completely wiped away! Woohoo! I love the grease and stain fighting power of this homemade stain remover! My daughter had another shirt that had coconut oil on it… SAME RESULTS!! WOOT! This DIY stain remover will get coconut oil out with ease! I have a “hand wash only” shirt (who even makes shirts like this for 3-year-olds?!) that had some new chocolate milk stains on it, and some old pen mark stains on it. I decided this would be a great shirt to test out this homemade stain remover on. This is a close up of just ONE section of her shirt…Even better, the noteworthy results are a breeze to come by, thanks to the brush-and-bottle combination. We love that it was extremely easy to use, especially when working with large stains. While we liked the built-in brush, you could also squirt the product on, especially if you're spot-cleaning a small stain. To come up with this list, we blind-tested 30 laundry stain removers in our Lab (aka our testers were not aware of the brands they were evaluating until all tests were completed). To test each product’s effectiveness on fresh stains, we applied 1 teaspoon of red wine, 1 teaspoon of chocolate syrup, a smear of grass, and a scribble of a blue Crayola marker to a yellow T-shirt and drew circles around each stain. Testers also applied 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of foundation to a separate T-shirt to judge each product’s efficacy on oil-based stains. OxiClean is well-known for its effective cleaning power, so it’s no surprise that the brand’s Versatile Stain Remover Powder was able to completely get rid of red wine—one of the most stubborn stains—during our testing. Unlike other laundry stain removers, this oxygen-based, water-activated formula works on various types of fabrics and clothing as well as upholstery, carpet, grout, and other surfaces. Depending on the fabric, you can also try making a paste of baking soda and water and rubbing it into the stain, letting it sit for 30 minutes before washing,” says Flores. Our testers loved how versatile and effective this product was at removing the toughest set-in stains, especially wine, makeup, and ink. While the powder formula can be a little messy to use, especially when mixing in a spray bottle, it’s definitely effective. The label recommends pre-soaking items in warm water before washing for best results, while our testers recommend a lengthy pre-treatment. “The longer you let the product set, the more it removes the stain,” says one tester.

In our testing, most of the laundry stain removers struggled to completely remove set-in foundation—even the best results were significantly faded. I find that the best tactic is to move the toothbrush in small circles until you start to see the stain lift from the material (but if it's hard to tell, scrubbing for about 30-45 seconds should work). After, you'll want to let it sit for a couple of minutes, then follow with the same spray-and-scrub strategy. When it comes to choosing a laundry stain remover, Flores recommends staying away from products that contain ingredients such as ammonia, sulfates, and bleach (which can damage most colored fabrics). Certain chemical cleaners, however, are more likely to remove tough, set-in stains. The makeup stain proved to be tough for even some of our most highly performing stain removers, but this Shout formula was up to the task, earning a sky-high score. Just a faint hint of the stain remained after we tried it, a far more promising performance than most of the other products tested. Plus, it comes with a travel-size spot treatment that’s convenient to keep in the car or at the office so you can pre-treat as soon as the mess happens. While our testers thought that the price point for this laundry stain remover is on the higher side, we think this is an effective product that’s well worth the price for those looking to get rid of food and oil stains.Whether they’re fresh or set in, makeup stains—especially foundation—can be quite difficult to remove. For cases like these, we love Method’s Stain Remover. Our testers raved about this product, noting that it’s extremely easy to use (even for large stains) because of its built-in scrubbing brush. It performed well on the makeup stains compared to other stain removers we tested, with our testing noting that the set-in foundation was “significantly lightened” after treatment. Fantastic service from the company and this product is a must for every laundry as it really works. Kathy Cohoon, franchise owner at Two Maids & A Mop, shared expertise on how to approach laundry stain removal and what to look for when purchasing a stain fighter. The grass, marker, and syrup were all totally removed and no residue from the stain or cleaner remains,” says our tester. “I was worried about the stain transferring based on the sudsiness of the application process, but it all washed away cleanly.” Even though this laundry stain remover comes in a small bottle, our testers found that a little goes a long way. For best results, apply the product to a stain, gently scrub using the applicator brush, let sit for five minutes, and wash like normal.

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