HORI Switch Split Pad Compact (Light Gray/Yellow)

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HORI Switch Split Pad Compact (Light Gray/Yellow)

HORI Switch Split Pad Compact (Light Gray/Yellow)

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I've been using the Split Pad Pros for the last year or so happily as the original Joy Cons are way too small and cramped for my hands (I've got pretty averaged sized hands for an adult male, typically a size medium for most gloves). To me the Split Pad Pros are very comfortable, much closer to using something like an Xbox controller. I use the Switch exclusively in handheld mode and was using them with both a standard Switch as well as an OLED version. The Split Pad Compact is ideal for those who think other Joy-Con replacements are simply too large. This was my primary complaint with the Split Pad Pro. It was a tad too bulky. The Split Pad Compact is functionally the same as the Split Pad Pro, so if you're happy with the existing Hori grip, there's really no reason to upgrade. The difference between the two is the size of the controller. The name cues you in on this fact already, but the Split Pad Compact is a trimmed- and slimmed-down iteration on the Split Pad Pro. It offers an entirely different form factor. Honestly, I'm not too impressed with them. They are more comfortable in the hand than the Joy Cons, but still not very comfortable. Hands are still positioned with the thumbs too vertical instead of angled, which feels cramped. The ABXY buttons on the Compact have a little bit of a concave design rather than the convex buttons of the Pros, which creates a little sharp edge that irritates my thumb. Kind of like the old NES/SNES controllers I used as a kid. Also, my ring/pointer fingers on the right controller rest on another sharp edge which is irritating. The Pros are big enough that you can rest the whole Switch in the meat of your palms and then keep your fingers loose for playing, where the Compact like the Joy Cons I have to kind of squeeze my fingers to keep the Switch steady. Through long gaming sessions, we made use of the more comfortable controls and ergonomics, however, we couldn’t shake the feeling that the controller could have used slightly higher quality materials, as it ends up feeling incredibly light. Should you buy it?

Split Pad Pro vs Compact: which Joy-Con alternative is Hori Split Pad Pro vs Compact: which Joy-Con alternative is

Continuing on the theme of things the Split Pad Compact doesn’t offer, you won’t find HD rumble (or standard definition rumble, for that matter), an NFC reader, an IR camera (though when does the Joy-Con really ever use that anyway), or a gyro sensor. Rumble is convenient to have, sure, but the gyro sensor can be critical for certain games. For instance, you’ll never beat all of the shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild without that gyro, and aiming arrows may prove more difficult. Other big issue for me is the feel of the buttons. The ABXY buttons are too mushy and imprecise feeling. The Joy Cons are small but feel crisp and precise, and the Pros feel again like an Xbox controller with a crisp response and springy rebound. Comparing the controllers playing Hollow Knight (Trial of the Fool), it's just way easier on the Pros compared to the others. Some of that may be muscle memory, but trying to hold Y while hitting B with the base of my thumb was a lot more difficult.The controller is missing a few features found in Joy-Con controllers. It doesn't offer rumble, motion controls, NFC support, or the IR camera. The Split Pad is powered by the Switch console itself, which means it doesn't work when detached from the tablet. The Split Pad Compact is strictly for handheld play, but that's really not a criticism. It does what it sets out to do extremely well. For single-player titles like Xenoblade 3, the Hori Split Pad Compact performed excellently. We never felt like we missed any features like IR or HD Rumble in the games that we tested. In the Street Fighter 30th anniversary collection, we were really able to put the controller through its paces.

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